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Saturday January 29 2022
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Covid-19: S-E Asia

China reports 36 new Covid-19 cases among Olympics-related personnel

19 of the cases were either athletes or team officials who arrived on Friday.


World surpasses 10 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses administered, but gaps persist

The US has administered five times as many extra shots - about 85 million - as the total number in Nigeria.

Nearly 200 cases of more infectious Omicron subvariant in Singapore

Authorities in Denmark said the Covid-19 strain showed no significant difference in clinical outcomes.

Asian Insider

India seeks to boost ties with Central Asia amid concerns about Afghanistan

The countries agreed to create a road map to boost trade, enhance connectivity and deal with Afghanistan.

Oil giants' departure from Myanmar unlikely to cause major disruption

Junta taking pains to highlight continued foreign investor interest amid the turmoil.

Compensation claims for Covid-19 deaths in India exceed official fatality count

There were also other signs that far more people are dying from coronavirus than govt estimates.

Australia pledges $955m for Great Barrier Reef, but climate change threat looms

Scientists say there should be a stronger focus on addressing the climate change risks to the reef.



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Singapore and Indonesia agree on realignment of boundary among other bilateral issues

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China’s budding relationship with Russia

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