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Thursday December 8 2022
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Asian Insider

Beijing residents react to easing of Covid-19 rules with trepidation

“The rules have changed, so suddenly we’re not sure what might come next,” said a Singaporean living in Beijing.

India seeks to tackle fake reviews with guidelines for e-commerce platforms

Online reviews play a crucial role in e-commerce, giving buyers access to information that is usually not disclosed.

Shanghai Gang faction will fade away with ex-president Jiang Zemin’s death

It had ruled China almost unabated for more than a decade.

Uni ‘thesis gate’ lands Taiwan politicians in hot water

Last weekend alone, two high-profile politicians from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party had their degrees revoked by their respective schools.

Climate Change

UN conference in Montreal aims to hammer out urgent deal to save nature

COP15 regarded as last chance to win agreement on a new deal to halt and reverse the dangerous destruction of nature.

Storms, floods and fires caused $353.3 billion in losses in 2022

Insured losses have been on a long-term upward trend, and extreme events caused by climate change shoulder much of the blame. 

Singapore’s new climate targets still ‘critically insufficient’, says research group

This is despite the Republic’s efforts to implement a higher carbon tax and cut its greenhouse gas emissions.