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Asian Insider

Amid public anger over Covid-19 and more, the Chinese are feeling nostalgic for the Jiang era

Chinese netizens have lionised him as a leader of freer times, as the state hailed him as a great Marxist.

Thai court approves election formula that favours larger political parties

The verdict will pave the way for national polls due early 2023.

Marcos-led Philippines plays both sides in diplomatic tug of war with US and China

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr has abandoned his predecessor’s pro-China approach for a more nuanced foreign policy.

Australia looks to curb booming ‘buy now, pay later’ industry

Consumer groups have urged the government to treat the services like credit cards.

Climate Change

Nature needs $525 billion annually by 2025, UN says

About 50 per cent of global GDP is dependent on healthy and well-functioning ecosystems.

Singapore’s new climate targets still ‘critically insufficient’, says research group

This is despite the Republic’s efforts to implement a higher carbon tax and cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

UN panel recommends Great Barrier Reef be put on 'in danger' list

Frequent bleaching events are threatening the reef, including four over the last seven years.



As the festive season nears, is Seoul gearing up for crowds again?

Every first Friday of the month, ST' foreign editor Bhagyashree Garekar chats with ST’s correspondents in the Asia-Pacific, the US and Europe.