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Asian Insider

US, China vie for influence in the Pacific

The sprawling region of remote island nations is seen to have strategic value, not to mention maritime assets.

People of Myanmar have right to democracy: UN special envoy

Hundreds of armed groups are battling the military junta.

China facing worst heatwave since records began

At least four provinces are rationing power as electricity consumption climbs.

China's rural villages get help to pull themselves out of poverty

Efforts include building roads, promoting rural tourism and seed technology to improve yields.

Taiwan tensions

Taiwan official says China bullying spurs foreign interest in visits to island

A delegation of Canadian lawmakers is among those planning to visit the island.

China warns US against underestimating Beijing's Taiwan resolve

Beijing's envoy to Washington Qin Gang rejected US officials’ argument that lawmakers act independently of the White House.

China's reliance on Taiwan would make trade retaliation costly

Taiwan's trade relies significantly more on delivering items to China than China does on receiving them.