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Asian Insider

Why investors and tourists need not fear Indonesia’s new criminal code

There are concerns that new laws will affect tourism and investment, and threaten civil rights and freedom of speech.

Timor-Leste will work actively to accelerate membership to Asean: President Ramos-Horta

He said it was preferable for his nation to become the 11th official member of Asean in 2023.

Some in China bristle at Covid-19 rollback

They are either wary of the speed at which measures are being dialled back, or worried about infection.

Airfares in Australia soar as airlines come under pressure to add flights

Lack of competition and the soaring prices have led to hopes that new airlines may try to enter the market.

Climate Change

UN conference in Montreal aims to hammer out urgent deal to save nature

COP15 regarded as last chance to win agreement on a new deal to halt and reverse the dangerous destruction of nature.

Storms, floods and fires caused $353.3 billion in losses in 2022

Insured losses have been on a long-term upward trend, and extreme events caused by climate change shoulder much of the blame. 

Singapore’s new climate targets still ‘critically insufficient’, says research group

This is despite the Republic’s efforts to implement a higher carbon tax and cut its greenhouse gas emissions.



Mentoring youths and how professionals can drive Mentoring SG

Synopsis: Every second and fourth Friday of the month, The Straits Times’ opinion editor Grace Ho takes a hard look at political and social issues of the day with her expert guests.