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Friday January 27 2023
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Asian Insider

Australian states block ChatGPT in schools even as critics say ban is futile

Queensland and Tasmania have joined New South Wales in banning access to ChatGPT in state schools.

MeToo protest rocks Indian wrestling

The president of the country's wrestling federation has been accused of sexual harassment.

China’s embattled film industry on track for recovery

Analysts predict that ticket sales during the Chinese New Year break will hit at least eight billion yuan (S$1.5 billion).

‘Nobody wants war’: Taiwanese islanders who live near China

Kinmen, which is made up of 12 islands and islets, has repeatedly been on the front lines between Taiwan and China.

Climate Change

Climate tipping points in Amazon, Tibet 'linked': Scientists

Can one climate tipping point have a domino effect on another region? Recent research suggests this is already happening.

Activists slam appointment of UAE oil boss to lead climate talks

Activists say the year-end COP28 climate talks "must be free from the polluting influence of the fossil fuel industry".

Climate change could usher in a new era of trade wars

Policies aimed at speeding the green energy transition risk putting foreign countries and companies at a disadvantage.