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Biden urged his fellow Nato leaders to stand up to China’s authoritarianism and growing military might.  

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Mr Buffett appears to be the safest kind of billionaire: the good kind. But the worst billionaires are the Good Billionaires.

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Close to 90 per cent of eligible staff have also taken at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
Top Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli now finds herself defending the reputation of her lab.  
Indian tech companies are trying to figure out how to address the mental-health fallout among young workers.

Invisible Asia

Children in the Philippines are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Descendants of a shunned caste are still ostracised in modern times because of their lineage.
Some foreign-born residents continue to be treated like outsiders in the place they call home.

Asian Insider

Opposition politicians say vaccination of front-liners and senior citizens has yet to be completed.
They are a technological park and an aircraft maintenance facility to jump-start economic recovery amid Covid-19.
Asian Insider brings you insights into a fast-changing region from our network of correspondents and commentators.
Active cases in Jakarta rose to 17,400 cases on Sunday from 11,500 on June 6.




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