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North Korea's fever cases under 200,000 for second day amid silence on aid offer

Pyongyang reported 167,650 new patients suffering from fever on Monday and one more death.

Shanghai district to require all shops to shut, residents to stay home

Jingan district plans to carry out Covid-19 mass testing until Tuesday.

Hong Kong reports 228 new Covid-19 cases as it slowly relaxes curbs

The daily case count in the city has dropped from a peak of more than 50,000 in March.

Asian Insider

China, US in a race for Asean: Who will come out on top?

Which side has an edge when it comes to economic engagement and broader ties with the region?

Use technology to reconnect, not separate: Chinese writer Chen Qiufan

The tech world needs more diverse perspectives for better innovation, says Mr Chen.

A rural region in Japan aims for 'creative depopulation'

Town ‘at risk of disappearing’ draws young and talented people from elsewhere to build a healthy population.

The great aviation lift-off: Which countries are ahead in the race?

From Singapore to the US, aviation recovery is gaining speed as borders reopen and travel curbs ease. 



Man v woman at the workplace, or is it woman v woman?

This is a podcast series by The Straits Times to help you work smarter, think deeper, and get ahead in your work life.

The US' and China’s courtship of Asean

On the third Friday of every month, The Straits Times examines various facets of the US-China rivalry and its implications for Asia.