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Taiwan tensions

Pelosi says China president Xi Jinping reacted to her Taiwan visit 'like a scared bully'

Mrs Pelosi's stop in Taiwan last week drew a strong response from China, which held military exercises around the island.

Power Play: Beijing is not ready for war, but it means business

The forceful response to Mrs Pelosi's visit shows how PLA has developed in the quarter of a century since the last crisis.

Power Play: China's show of force hardens US resolve to defend Taiwan

China's keenness to unite with Taiwan has provoked a sense of urgency - even anxiety - in the US.

Asian Insider

Taiwan tensions mark a low in US-China relations, but it could have been worse

Beijing has stopped short of taking more drastic action that would severely hurt ties with the US.

KL to end 5G negotiations this week; two Big Four telcos could miss out

Maxis and U Mobile have outstanding concerns over governance of Digital Nasional Berhad as the sole vehicle to roll out 5G.

Fidel Ramos restored the Philippines' credibility and self-respect

He is arguably the Philippines' best president and his legacy is secure as a general who sided with the people.