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ST understands that the issue behind the application involves alleged unpaid rent and Grand Park Orchard hotel.

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This is in view of continued tightened safe management rules for various activities until mid-July.
Britain has seen a steep rise in infections with the variant, and Germany has warned it could cause a spike there too.
Indonesia remains the worst-hit South-east Asian country by far, with 1.96 million cases.

Invisible Asia

Children in the Philippines are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Descendants of a shunned caste are still ostracised in modern times because of their lineage.
Some foreign-born residents continue to be treated like outsiders in the place they call home.

Asian Insider

Achieving herd immunity is no longer the government's main goal as the disease is expected to become endemic.
Those needing help are no longer just the homeless rummaging for food on the streets.
Asian Insider brings you insights into a fast-changing region from our network of correspondents and commentators.
Several Indian hospitals have reported encouraging results after using this therapy on some of their patients.




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