Invisible Asia

Children in the Philippines are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Descendants of a shunned caste are still ostracised in modern times because of their lineage.
Some foreign-born residents continue to be treated like outsiders in the place they call home.

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Dr Angela Merkel has said she wants to avoid Europe being forced to take sides between China and the US.

Asian Insider

For Beijing and countless Chinese, the US is in no position to lecture China on the issue as America is not infallible.
The last time Mrs Sadhana V. Bendre saw her husband alive was over a video call during which he gave her a thumbs up. The 59-year-old photojournalist had been put on oxygen therapy at a government Covid-19 hospital in Mumbai and, with the mask on his face, that gesture was all he could manage to tell his wife he was doing well.
Malaysia was initially projected to record about 3,000 cases by mid-May.
Heightened Covid-19 fears mean travel restrictions, fewer festivities and more Zoom gatherings.




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