British socialite was his "go-to person" to handle everything that was not business related, court hears.

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Researchers who track coronavirus mutations have been poring over the details of a new variant detected this month in Botswana.

Covid-19: S-E Asia

Defence Minister says another wave of infections could put progress in the pandemic at risk.  
EU regulators "don't know" yet whether the current vaccines remain effective against Omicron.
Children under the age of two account for about 10 per cent of total hospital admissions in Tshwane, South Africa.

Asian Insider

Two cities in the area bordering Russia have suspended commodity imports by rail to lower risk of infection.
India's government stressed it's ready to support African countries affected by Omicron through vaccines.
SINGAPORE - An international group of 30 smaller countries has spoken out on the need for the world's largest economies to back vaccine equity.
Business leaders frustrated by authorities' failure to follow through on plans to reopen island's tourism economy.




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