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Wednesday June 7 2023
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Asian Insider

The risks of US and China talking past each other

The verbal sparring over talks at the Shangri-La Dialogue point to the difficulty of setting up ‘guardrails’ in the Sino-US relationship.

India and US announce road map to strengthen defence industrial partnership

It will guide both countries towards building resilient supply chains over the next few years.

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan’s party fights to survive his collision with military

In Pakistan, a conviction by any court means that a politician cannot contest general elections again.

Climate Change

First draft of plastics treaty to be done by year's end: UN

Concern over plastics has surged as fragmented microplastics have been found on the world’s highest mountains.

Humans have blown past key limits for earth’s stability, scientists say

They suggest using biodiversity metrics to limit the destruction of species and ecosystems.

Global additions of renewable power capacity to rise by a third in 2023: IEA

The world is set to add a record-breaking amount of renewables to electricity systems.



Tackling your peskier inflation worries

Inflation still worries many but help is at hand from financial experts in this episode. Howie Lim grills them for the answers.