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Thursday June 8 2023
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Asian Insider

The risks of US and China talking past each other

The verbal sparring over talks at the Shangri-La Dialogue point to the difficulty of setting up ‘guardrails’ in the Sino-US relationship.

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan’s party fights to survive his collision with military

In Pakistan, a conviction by any court means that a politician cannot contest general elections again.

Climate of fear: Extreme weather events take a toll on mental health

The traumatic events are also driving up insurance costs, creating a vicious circle of anxiety, despair and poverty.

Climate Change

Climate change is here and now, says Desmond Lee; this is how Singapore is fighting back

It's critical for the nation to find innovative ways to cut carbon emissions caused by urbanisation, the minister said.

Oceans warmer last month than any May on record

Year-round, long-term trends have added 0.6 deg C to the ocean’s surface waters in 40 years.

China’s fatal heat shows risks of another scorching Asian summer

Extreme heat is unusual so early in the summer, and poses a risk to agriculture and industrial activity.