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Effissimo Capital Management lead shareholders in compelling company to expose backroom dealings.

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Manufacturing hub launched mass testing and cordoned off communities after detecting its first infections in the current outbreak.
Some firms allow staff to take a sick day without providing a medical certificate if they feel unwell the day after.
The government has been working to speed up a vaccination programme hobbled by supply delays.

Invisible Asia

Children in the Philippines are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Descendants of a shunned caste are still ostracised in modern times because of their lineage.
Some foreign-born residents continue to be treated like outsiders in the place they call home.

Asian Insider

Will influencers do a better job than ‘wolf warriors’? President Xi Jinping’s call to step up efforts to get China’s message across to foreigners has sparked a range of responses.
The Bill will cover, among other things, compensation to parties affected by data breaches and fines for companies failing to protect consumer data. 
Mr Kotaro Tamura said Singapore is also a good entry point into South-east Asia.
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