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The painful points would go beyond just being unable to dine in at restaurants or enter shopping centres.

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Young people are flocking to clubs to play the game in which they spend hours solving fake murders.

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  • VOICE PROJECT 投票はあなたの声 (秋元才加 安藤玉恵 石橋静河 小栗旬 コムアイ 菅田将暉 Taka 滝藤賢一 仲野太賀 二階堂ふみ 橋本環奈 前野朋哉 ローラ 渡辺謙)
It was launched on Oct 16 as an "independent project created by ordinary citizens" with no political affiliation.
It can be a culture shock, say youth at Asean-Korea Centre seminar.
The first confirmed candidate in the race is said to be bold, unconventional and scandal-prone. 
Players decipher clues to puzzle hidden in actual spaces while unravelling a storyline.




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