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Asian Insider

Beijing-friendly KMT’s huge win in local elections does not mean Taiwan is pro-China: Analysts

Midterm elections in Taiwan are primarily concerned with local issues and the personality of candidates.

Abortion access in Thailand hampered by stigma and limited resources

Some groups are calling for clear government policy and action in the hope of changing this.

India’s blooming love affair with the sakura

India has two annual cherry blossom festivals, with the trees in full bloom drawing thousands of visitors each year.


Climate Change

UN panel recommends Great Barrier Reef be put on 'in danger' list

Frequent bleaching events are threatening the reef, including four over the last seven years.

China to call for ambitious, pragmatic biodiversity deal at Montreal UN meeting

Among the key issues that will be up for approval is funding conservation efforts in poorer countries.

How do you tell a vandal from a visitor? Art museums are struggling

Climate protesters across Europe stepped up their attacks against art, but few museums appear to have taken bold steps to protect their collections.


How to achieve seamless wealth transfer

Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this monthly Business Times podcast series for affluent individuals, hosted by BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua.