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Taiwan tensions

Precarious politics for celebrities, brands in China

Even seemingly innocuous social media activity can get celebrities into trouble.

Xi Jinping's guns of August

The focus on Pelosi's Taiwan visit is misplaced. The question is what's behind the Chinese overreaction?

How Pelosi upended Australia's big power balancing plans

The US Speaker’s visit to Taipei and China’s military response have illuminated the intractable choices that Canberra confronts.

Asian Insider

Poverty and despair in Afghanistan after one year of Taliban rule

Asian Insider looks at life there and the policies of US and India on the geostrategically important country.

Mortgage boycotts end nascent recovery in China's property market

Concerns over whether developers can deliver homes on schedule have deepened in China.

Najib’s son talked up as GE candidate ahead of ex-PM’s final appeal against jail term

Datuk Mohd Nizar Najib, 44, has long been groomed to be a successor to his father in politics.

Climate change in the Himalayas: Heavier, more destructive floods in Nepal

Change in weather patterns at high altitudes leads to heavy rainfall which in turn triggers landslides.