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A difficult balancing act

Investment managers seek to invest in new sectors and emerging technologies to understand how these areas may impact the business and financial models of their portfolio while adeptly managing the risk. Getting it right more often than not, will be the ultimate balancing act for Temasek.


How Singapore could use AI tools to deal with fake news and misinformation

Find out why human-based detection to sift through the Internet's growing volume of content is getting harder to do.

New youth panels: Can Singapore youth finally have a proper say on policy-shaping?

From late-2023, these new youth-led panels will be introduced by MCCY and supported by government agencies.

Does Budget 2023 symbolise start of a ‘new era’ in running a post-pandemic Singapore?

Fair, inclusive, a new era: Do these two words and a phrase best underline the spirit of Budget 2023?