• Wean kids off fast food with breakfast sandwiches made with from-scratch bread such as these English muffins, and have them with your choice of ingredients and spreads.
At the slightest provocation, say the school holidays, Singaporeans pack up and leave town en masse. We escape our homes and our country like bats out of hell, to parts near and far, as if suffering serious claustrophobia.


School's out, time to hunt down pit stops to fuel up for the year-end holidays. You are in luck as many new themed cafes now abound. Head to the pop-up Jurassic World Cafe at Ion Sky with little dino lovers or run free with the kids at the playground next to the two-day-old The Singapura Aerospace Club at Seletar Aerospace Park.
Here are six alternatives for every budget.
They are also hitting supermarket shelves.