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  • One of the most impressive sights in Haw Par Villa is the iconic Eight Immortals diorama, which features a scene showing the famous figures in Chinese mythology fighting the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea and his vast army of sea creatures. A diorama
With the right lights, hell can look heavenly, and the macabre scenes at Haw Par Villa, almost divine.

How has Singapore changed over the years? Every fortnight, The Straits Times will feature old and new images of a place in Singapore.

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This is the last instalment of Singapore Slider as the series is taking a break. 

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Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre once again hosted the Russian classic The Rite Of Spring on Tuesday.
A month after India withdrew contested Kashmir's autonomy, locked it down with thousands of additional troops and carried out mass arrests, the region is still struggling to return to normalcy.
While Singaporeans struggle with the soaring heat and the dry spell, yellow saraca trees - like this one at Marine Cove in East Coast Park - have bloomed in celebration of the arid weather.


A child playing Chinese hopscotch as instructors and friends looked on in February 1982. The play session was part of an effort to revive 12 traditional games, such as five stones, gasing (top spinning), hoop, marbles, and capteh.

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