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  • In the early hours of the morning, a sniper team moves along a gravel path to their training area. Wearing ghillie suits - a type of camouflage made from netting to which is attached strips of cloth - the snipers are able to break the defining featur
ST gets an exclusive look into the SAF's first two-week Advanced Sniper Course, which aims to equip snipers with the skills to operate in an urban environment. 

How has Singapore changed over the years? Every fortnight, The Straits Times will feature old and new images of a place in Singapore.

Serangoon Road in 1954 and today  »

This is the last instalment of Singapore Slider as the series is taking a break. 

Big Picture

Just how much waste is in our oceans? More than enough to build this four-storey-high whale.
Farmers in Dabaishe village, in Guangzong county of north China's Hebei province, are growing reishi mushrooms in greenhouses to help boost their incomes.
ST's Kevin Lim is the only Singaporean photojournalist who had a chance to capture the meeting.


This is the final instalment in a weekly series in which The Straits Times Picture Desk partners Samsung to capture moments of The Good That People Do

Singapore through the years

Turning Point Videos

A series based on stories from Wong Kim Hoh's It Changed My Life

Gordon Toh put aside his artistic dreams - which he thought could be his ticket to a brighter future - to be a cop for over 40 years, solving some of Singapore's most sensational crime cases.