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  • Nine-year-old Kaedee Eng doing pad work with Mr Ace Tan after a warm-up session at Block 813 Yishun Ring Road, where the Fitstop truck is parked for the session. Mr Tan says he tries to make training more fun by joking during class. Ten-year-old Nico
Mr Ace Tan, 46, wanted to provide others with an easy access to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

How has Singapore changed over the years? Every fortnight, The Straits Times will feature old and new images of a place in Singapore.

Serangoon Road in 1954 and today  »

This is the last instalment of Singapore Slider as the series is taking a break. 

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A man shielding a baby from the rain on his way to shelter at Raffles Place MRT station yesterday.
The average flow of water over Victoria Falls this year was down by almost 50 per cent.
As autumn makes way for winter, South Korea's persimmon season comes to an end.


Children at a kampung in Jalan Mat Jambol, in Pasir Panjang, playing goli in November 1981. Goli is a game played with marbles. They are used to hit other players' marbles in an attempt to claim them.

Singapore through the years