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Travel Hacks

Planning a holiday? Here’s your guide to travel rules around the world

Check what Covid-19 restrictions there are at your holiday destination with the ST travel planner.

askST@NLB: How to vacation like a pro, travelling more for less

Learn how to rack up miles which can be exchanged for flights, hotel stays and other rewards.

Pick your perfect luggage

The best luggage is the sort you never have to worry about. You know it will arrive intact on the baggage carousel, protect fragile items and trundle along smoothly on city pavements.

askST: What if I test positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in S'pore? Do I have to pay my medical bills?

Fully vaccinated Singaporeans, PRs and long-term pass holders will no longer need to cover these bills.


Saudi Arabia is open to tourists: Discover snowy peaks, coral reefs, chic cafes and a hidden 'Petra'

Very few outsiders have an inkling of its wintry peaks, coral reefs and stylish cafes.

To the end of the earth: Antarctica's raw, icy beauty and amazing wildlife

In Antarctica, the ice is not just white, but every shade of blue, from pale aquamarine to deep sapphire.