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Internet searches show airfares for early next year going at bargain prices.
Self-disinfecting coatings have been applied in the toilets as well as on overhead storage compartments on Singapore Airlines (SIA) planes, as the carrier prepares to welcome more passengers on board.
Charming surprises, from lovely scenery to post-war architecture, await visitors.
The World Dream sailed on Nov 6 with 1,400 Singapore residents on board.


This Philippe Starck-designed hotel screams Instagram magnet from the second you drive up to the entryway, with its colourful parrot mural highlighted by a searchlight, and eclectic Spanish-tile crazy paving.
During the shut-in period of the coronavirus, going outdoors was a rare, carefully apportioned treat.


Stepping out of the airport, it was the air I noticed first. Mint-crisp and resinous, the scent of eucalyptus perfumed the cool night.
Active seniors who trek, cycle and run are changing the face of travel with their sense of adventure.