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Travel Hacks

The ST Guide To... packing a carry-on bag

You can adapt: Pack like a pro with these 5 tips so you can scoot out of crowded airports.

Solo road trip in America: Sumptuous lobster feasts, privacy amid pandemic

From the rear-view mirror, I saw a patrol car pursue me, with lights flashing.

Travel more, spend less: Money-saving tips from a six-month trip

From beating hotel booking surges to taking transport like a local, here is how to pinch pennies as an endemic tourist.

askST@NLB: How to vacation like a pro, travelling more for less

Learn how to rack up miles which can be exchanged for flights, hotel stays and other rewards.


Exploring Australia: Up in the Blue Mountains, oyster feast and good times everywhere

Discover what's new and novel in Australia, which opened its borders to vaccinated visitors on Feb 21.

To the end of the earth: Antarctica's raw, icy beauty and amazing wildlife

In Antarctica, the ice is not just white, but every shade of blue, from pale aquamarine to deep sapphire.