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He believes luxury is now more about meaningful connections and experiences.
For the first time in almost 400 days, passengers can fly across the Tasman Sea without undergoing quarantine.
"I think the first tranche of leisure travel will be expensive and exclusive," said an expert.
Thailand is working on a plan to do away with quarantine for vaccinated travellers eventually.


In Antarctica, the ice is not just white, but every shade of blue, from pale aquamarine to deep sapphire.
China is vast and that becomes most palpable when speeding through the country on a bullet train. Mega-cities and modern industrial zones flash endlessly past my window at 300kmh.


"I can't believe we actually made it here," I say, admiring the 9pm sunset in Belgrade.
​A seagull steals food from our picnic blanket and soars away over crowds of Australian Football fans piling into Perth's Optus Stadium.