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Experts say families must make their own risk assessment and take proper precautions while overseas.
Startups work out deals with hotels to allow "micro-stays" for a few hours.
 Annette Lee and her husband went on a self-drive holiday in Bavarian countryside, plus Munich and vicinity.
The experiences of Singapore residents who have visited Germany under the VTL show it is possible to travel safely during the pandemic.

VTL: Where to go

Many of these places lie off the tourist trail, which is a good idea for safe travel.


In Antarctica, the ice is not just white, but every shade of blue, from pale aquamarine to deep sapphire.
China is vast and that becomes most palpable when speeding through the country on a bullet train. Mega-cities and modern industrial zones flash endlessly past my window at 300kmh.


"I can't believe we actually made it here," I say, admiring the 9pm sunset in Belgrade.
Koh Buck Song hopes to inspire a fresh outlook on life, with a more reflective post-pandemic perspective.