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There is no right or wrong decision, just an educated one.
The VTL with Thailand will start Dec 14, while the VTLs with Cambodia, Fiji, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Turkey will be from Dec 16.
Beyond Bangkok lies idealised European villas on cool hills, organic lemon groves and fluffy sheepdogs.
I admire the gorgeously plated minced chicken invigorated with tender local herbs and topped with parmesan cheese and a blue-hued butterfly pea flower.

VTL: Where to go

Beneath me, a sheet of mist stretches across two countries. It cloaks a densely forested valley which straddles the Thailand-Laos border. I cannot tell where one nation ends and the other begins when I am high atop Phu Chi Fa peak in Thailand's Chiang Rai province.


In Antarctica, the ice is not just white, but every shade of blue, from pale aquamarine to deep sapphire.
China is vast and that becomes most palpable when speeding through the country on a bullet train. Mega-cities and modern industrial zones flash endlessly past my window at 300kmh.


"I can't believe we actually made it here," I say, admiring the 9pm sunset in Belgrade.
Koh Buck Song hopes to inspire a fresh outlook on life, with a more reflective post-pandemic perspective.