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Zelensky vows to regain Lysychansk after Ukrainian withdrawal

Russia says capture of Lysychansk, Sievierdonetsk gives it full control of eastern Luhansk region.

California requires plastics makers to foot the bill for recycling

A new law requires producers to ensure that all single-use products are recyclable or compostable.

'They're everywhere': Microplastics in oceans, air and human body

Scientific studies are increasingly detecting microplastics in some human organs.

British PM Boris Johnson's party faces probe into hospital vow as scandals mount

Johnson promised to build 40 new hospitals which an opposition MP says exist only in the PM's imagination.

Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine security guarantees will not be same as for Nato member: Scholz

Germany is discussing security guarantees for Ukraine with its allies in preparation for a time after the war.

Ukraine says Russian ship carrying Ukrainian grain detained by Turkey

Ukraine has accused Russia of stealing grain from the territories that Russian forces have seized since Moscow's invasion.

Ukraine to unveil massive rebuilding plan even as war bogs down

The blueprint will map out a broad list of infrastructure and security projects, investments, and diversification of energy resources.