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What's all the fuss about green bonds?

Green bonds are financial instruments used to fund projects with environmental benefits while also providing investors with regular or fixed-income payments.

Being selective key to passive income amid high inflation

With inflation at multi-year highs, investors are on the hunt for regular streams of passive income to supplement their take-home pay.

Me & My Money: Diversifying wealth through insurance

Insurance is not the most exciting investment product around but industry veteran Raymond Ong regards it as a highly versatile tool.

How geopolitics affect decisions on investment

There is no shortage of geopolitical concerns for investors these days, from Ukraine to Taiwan, inflation and plenty besides, but investors need to carefully weigh up when it is right to bail out and when it is right to hold on for dear life.


askST Jobs: I have a co-worker who is not interested in his work. How should I motivate him?

Talk to him to find out if he is having any difficulties, and speak to your manager and HR only if all else fails.

askST: What can you do if you are unhappy and feel trapped in your current job role?

 You can take control by speaking up and raising your concerns with your bosses and HR.

askST Jobs: I've secured a job with a rival firm. What can I do so I don't burn bridges?

Honouring non-competition clauses and giving thank-you notes before leaving will help you stay in bosses’ good books.