Some of Nick Tan's customers pay him $70,000 or more just to sell one home.
Pick up Okta, Inc's latest annual report and on page 18 comes the warning that the company has a history of losses and these will continue in the foreseeable future. Another 26 pages down, it tells shareholders that it does not intend to pay dividends for some time to come.


More than half of Singaporeans will run out of money in the last 14 years of their lives, a survey finds.
These savings allow her to enjoy close to $50,000 in annual interest from the CPF alone.
The days of exploiting loopholes in the national retirement scheme could be over soon, after the Central Provident Fund Board posted a warning on its website.
When it comes to making a will or creating a family trust that could involve lots of money, most of us turn to lawyers for help.