When Mr Ignatius Lim Buan Tie was in Tanglin Primary School, he struggled with English and Mathematics and eventually failed those two subjects at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).
    For govt and govt-aided schools, cut-off point of 8-22 for the Express (O level) track, 22-25 for Normal (Academic), and 26 -30 for Normal (Technical).
    It has been a long wait, but at last the Education Ministry revealed the details of the new Primary School Leaving Examination scoring system.


    How to help your child succeed in school and life.


    Wearing a mask daily has become routine during the coronavirus pandemic and this practice is expected to continue under the "new normal".
    Pre-schools have been coming up with creative ways to make the year-end ceremonies safe.
    Each will provide full-day kindergarten care services and offer about 120 K1 places.

    Primary school

    The annual sports competition sees about 60,000 student-athletes competing across 29 sports.
    Chaoyang School and Tanglin School will also have more facilities to cater to students across the autism spectrum.

    Secondary School

    Children will be scored using eight bands known as Achievement Levels.
    MOE will start full subject-based banding in about 25 schools in 2020 and progressively apply it to all secondary schools. We answer some key questions.


    SINGAPORE - Before he graduated in 2013, Mr Shah Indra Jasni applied for an internship at La Pyramide, a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Vienne, France.
    Over 200 have graduated from the 2½-year course, which received its 10th batch of students this year.


    The three-year programme will allow students to gain on-the-job experience at established accounting firms.
    Students may get the flexibility to pursue programmes across disciplines, with NUS planning to transform its educational model.

    Degree = Jobs?

    The universities, especially SIT and SUSS, are going big on combining work and study, and students spend up to a year on work-study programmes. 
    The class of 2020 will graduate into a recession brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. But this is unlikely to dampen the aspirations of young Singaporeans for a university degree.
    Over 700 organisations, firms, ministries and government agencies are offering more than 7,500 places.