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    The actress shares how she has been using digital devices to support her two kids' learning.


    The new system takes effect when this year's Primary 6 cohort applies to get into secondary schools next year.
    Parents must focus their efforts on finding not the top school, but the right school for their children, says senior education correspondent Sandra Davie.
    Will the Covid-19 situation change the selection process?

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    How to help your child succeed in school and life.


    Experts give advice on what to look out for in choosing the right one for your kid.
    These five pre-schools inspire learning with unique facilities and programmes.
    More children are tinkering with coding, and they are getting younger.

    Primary school

    Parents and teachers can play a part, but they have to be equipped with the right tools and words to do so.
    The art of good writing may soon be lost as children continue to prefer devices to books. Here is how to turn the tide.

    Secondary School

    Here are some questions that parents should ask themselves.
    If even adults get into debt, what about kids, asks a parent who has lodged a complaint with MAS.


    Do junior colleges prepare students better for university? Find out the learning style of students in JCs.
    At the end of a polytechnic education, "you can actually work if you want to”.


    The Straits Times responds to readers' questions on taking the private school route to a degree.
    The Straits Times responds to a reader's question on job outcomes for those taking the private school route to a degree.