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    Your child refuses to do PSLE revision? Here’s how to nurture self-motivation in him or her

    Experts share some scientifically proven strategies you can try at home to motivate your child.

    No more mid-year exams in schools, but some parents express concern ahead of PSLE

    Not all parents are worried; teachers will have more time to teach instead of rushing for assessments.

    askST: ST post-PSLE webinar answers questions on school choice, full subject-based banding

    Principals of secondary schools also participated in the session to advise parents and pupils.

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    How to help your child succeed in school and life.


    Faith-based pre-schools band together, pool resources amid stiff competition for pupils

    Efforts by various operators to consolidate resources have stemmed the decline of such pre-schools.

    Children ask voice-activated ChatGPT: Are you a boy or a girl?

    Education company Ednovation will make available its child-friendly EdGPT to the public for free.

    Learning outside the classroom: Pre-schools make outdoor play an important part of learning

    Some centres allow their pupils to spend as much as 70 per cent of their time outdoors. 

    Primary school

    Tuition centres offer students free theme park trips and bubble tea

    The treats remind students that while they work hard, they deserve to play hard too, say tuition centres.

    ACS Primary going co-ed: Are single-sex schools becoming a relic of the past?

    The reasons for the shift include fewer students amid low birth rate and a push for gender equality.

    Secondary School

    askST: What are posting groups for Secondary 1?

    The 2024 Sec 1 cohort will be posted to schools through three posting groups mapped to PSLE score ranges for existing streams.

    Time to do away with stigmatising academic labels like Normal and Express

    Such labels are unhelpful. The Education Ministry is expanding pathways and taking decisive steps to reduce pigeonholing.


    askST: Can I switch polytechnics? Or move from a JC to a polytechnic?

    Here is what students should know about the appeal process in case they fail to land a place in their preferred polytechnic or junior college.

    7 new ITE diploma courses to be introduced in April 2023

    Institute of Technical Education graduates will have access to seven new diploma programmes from 2023.


    What to look for when choosing a university

    This is the second instalment in a series answering parents’ questions on university education.

    askST: Are year-long internships worth the time spent?

    At the Singapore Institute of Technology, its integrated work-study initiative offers a chance to gain work experience.