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Application for direct admission to secondary schools, JCs starts from May 7

Secondary schools and JCs can admit up to 20 per cent of their students through DSA.

ST PSLE prep forum: Markers adopt rigorous standardisation process to ensure marking is fair

The forum addressed parents’ concerns about how strictly papers would be marked.

askST: How to prepare my child for PSLE

One mistake pupils commonly make is failing to read questions carefully.


Kids as young as three going for memory training, but experts say more research needed

Memory training may give children a boost in exams or help neurodiverse kids with learning.

Is it ever worth it to take your toddler on holiday?

My daughter’s tantrum caused me to miss out on Korean barbecue pork belly in Seoul, but I learnt a valuable parenting lesson.

More mother tongue language learning for children at two new MOE-run pre-schools from 2025

K1 children at the Hougang and Elias Park kindergartens will get an extra half hour of MTL activities daily.

Primary school

Your kids aren’t lazy; they just don’t know how to revise independently

It is important to find out why kids procrastinate or are reluctant to hit the books.

ACS (International) to set up elementary school in S’pore, 2 more schools in Indonesia

The ACS brand of education has become popular among the locals and expatriates in Indonesia.

Secondary School

How the new SEC exams, which replace O- and N-levels, will affect your child

Upcoming changes in the national exam will affect current Secondary 1 students.

Secondary school students to have one common national exam period from 2027

With the change, students will have one written exam sitting for mother tongue language.


Junior college or poly? How to guide your child to pick the right path

Consider a child's interests and strengths, and the way he learns best, say educators.

Dropping out of medical school? Deciding on poly or JC? Exam stress? A Reddit forum can help

An online and youth-run forum has become the de facto place for discussing student life in Singapore.