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As work-from-home will be the default mode at workplaces, parents are encouraged to keep their children at home.

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The appointment was announced by Mr Khaw Boon Wan, who also shared plans including building a first-class digital tech team.
Mr Iswaran said it would be premature to specify the exact numbers that would go into the Government's funding of the CLG.
A number of news organisations globally operate on such a model through media trusts and foundations. 



CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.
The burden of such fees leaves migrant workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.
As society becomes desensitised to such deviant behaviour, parents must get angry for their kids, says Li Xueying.


The award-winning actress holds a diploma in pre-school education.
Major changes have been initiated in education, which Mr Chan will have to put in place and build upon in the coming years.



Can I take down my personal information posted on the dark Web?
India's devastating second Covid-19 wave has cast the spotlight on a new "double-mutant" variant called B1617.
The proposed law is set to be debated when Parliament next sits from May 10.




    Loo Zi Jia and Kenneth Sin both believe in drinking plenty of water.
    Fears about contracting Covid-19 have also made people hesitant to visit the dentist.

    Courts & Crime

    Police take a stern view of abusive and irresponsible behaviour relating to the flouting of safe distancing measures.
    One of the alleged masterminds chose not to testify citing inability to pay for legal representation
    Liang An Wey is also alleged to have attempted to get $1 million in bribes from a contractor. 


    • GREY HERON, PASIR RIS PARK:The most common of herons in Singapore is recognised through its grey upperparts and black streaks down its neck. During breeding, its legs and bill change from yellow to a bright reddish-orange. RED-TAILED RACER, RIFLE RAN
    With this year's International Day for Biological Diversity falling on Saturday, The Straits Times Picture Desk's photojournalist Lim Yaohui trains his lens on the vast array of wildlife here. Feel stuck at home? Just look around for green respite and ripples and flutters of hope.