Singapore Landing Page post Budget 2017 - Feb 21, 2017

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Why you probably won’t win the big lottery

If the goal is making money instead of having fun, it’s hard to make a worse bet than on the big lottery prizes.

Twitter layoffs are perfect example of how not to fire people

Some Twitter employees were laid off by e-mail; others found they’d been locked out of their work laptops and message systems.

World Cup: Why Qatar’s tarnished tournament is too big for brands to boycott

Human rights groups are in an uproar over everything from the treatment of LGBTQ people to the deaths of workers building stadiums.



askST Jobs: How do I convince the company to let me continue working remotely?

Employees who make such a request should ensure they have a list of reasons that clearly show how it would benefit their productivity.

askST Jobs: I want a transfer to another department in my firm. How should I tell my boss?

You need to ensure your current supervisor will not be left in the lurch by identifying alternative arrangements.

ST HeadSTart: Does working overtime mean I’m inefficient? | Why we should talk about pay

Guilt from not being at the office is one reason why you might be putting in long hours at home.


Singapore teens lack initiative and leadership skills? Local start-up aims to hone their soft skills

The education firm will run a four-day event - Crackerjack Convention - in December for youth aged 14 to 18.

Crest, Spectra Secondary to continue with Normal (Tech) course so students can learn hands-on

Students from the schools will take both Normal (Technical) subjects as well as ITE skills subjects.