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Seven of these cases are of the B117 variant and one is of the B1351, or South African variant.


CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.
The burden of such fees leaves migrant workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.
As society becomes desensitised to such deviant behaviour, parents must get angry for their kids, says Li Xueying.


"I'm just so happy being a parent," says actress-host Nurul Aini.
In cultures where parents let the kids help, they find a way to involve the children, even in big chores.


An arts education can equip students with creativity and innovative thinking skills.
The rift intensified after the Singapore Medical Association issued a position statement on what it called "troubled" IPs.
MAS has issued advisories to warn the public of the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.




    Terence Lee was run over by more than 20 bicycles after clipping the wheel of the front rider during a training ride.
    Adults spend as much as 47 per cent of their waking lives letting their minds wander, said one study.

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    It made the observations in a judgment dismissing an application by a death row inmate to reopen his case.
    Victims were led to believe they were being probed for money-laundering offences.
    They are suspected to be involved in providing illegal remote 4D or Toto and horse betting services.