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SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Health has said that there was no indication that a 72-year-old woman who died a day after she received her first Covid-19 jab had had an allergic reaction to the vaccine.


Serious collisions have plagued Singapore's overcrowded sidewalks in recent years.
CloseUp investigates why some workers have to pay thousands of dollars to get jobs that few locals want.
The burden of such fees leaves migrant workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.


The ophthalmologist strictly limits her two children's computer screen usage to school and enrichment lessons.
When Term 3 begins, Primary 1 to 3 pupils will continue with a week of home-based learning.



ST answers some common questions about animals and Covid-19.
What precautions are in place? What should customers do to keep safe?
New questions have emerged on how Covid-19 vaccines should be best used.




    A recently released study found that young people here aged 35 and below are less aware of diabetes and its symptoms.
    Meet accountant Jon Phay, 35, and freelance model Ashley Serene Ng, 30.

    Courts & Crime

    A district court was told that the girl apologised to Connie Soh, who was talking on her phone and did not hear the child.
    Tan Beow Hiong made headlines after she was recorded grilling other MRT passengers about their race.
    He's also arguing there was no rule to establish communication with a vehicle when overtaking it.


    The scenes will soon be history as the estate makes way for redevelopment.