Singapore Landing Page post Budget 2017 - Feb 21, 2017

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askST Jobs: I've secured a job with a rival firm. What can I do so I don't burn bridges?

Honouring non-competition clauses and giving thank-you notes before leaving will help you stay in bosses’ good books. 

askST Jobs: How should I tell my lazy subordinate to buck up without hurting his ego?

Working with lazy subordinates can appear unfair, but it is important not to hold on to resentment.

My child just entered university. What can she do to stand out in her future job hunt?

Employers today look beyond good academic qualifications and grades when hiring.


'Puzzling' plan to buy over HDB flat costs man $200k

The costly and curious tale of woe began after his plan to buy out his former wife's share of their HDB flat started unravelling.


At 50, Merlion woos kids with storybook, board game, high chair and romper

Kids' products featuring Merli, an illustrated character based on the Merlion, have been launched.

Fun With Kids: Installation-performance for children with diverse needs, Waves Of Change Festival

Make family time all the more special with these ideas and activities.