• Mr Yusaku Maezawa with a miniature rocket and space helmet prior to the start of a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo last Tuesday.
Mr Yusaku Maezawa, the founder and chief executive of Japanese e-commerce giant Zozo, wants to take with him six to eight international artists on the six-day odyssey, hailing from fields such as music, dance, film, painting, photography and fashion design.


  • Mr Arun Dhaddha (at right) and his brother Suresh. They discovered their father's collection only five years after his death when they began clearing out the basement of the family home.
The Gyan Museum, which opened at the end of 2016, is probably India's first private museum, as distinct from private art galleries of which there are many. Visits are by appointment only, but admission is free.
After nearly 20 years of operating a small factory in the outskirts of Shanghai producing electric bicycles, a Singaporean businessman has decided to call it quits.
  • Left: An aerial view of Port Dickson, with hotels lining the more than 20km of beachfront (top left). It was a weekend draw for the middle class in its heyday. Mr Mohd Nazari Mokhtar, 57, is the Parti Islam SeMalaysia candidate for the Port Dickson b
Saturday's by-election has put the beach town in spotlight.
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It took Lego master Ryan McNaught and his team 152,690 bricks and 740 hours to build a miniature version of Australia's Parliament House to mark the building's 30th anniversary this year. The model was unveiled last week.

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