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‘I cried for days’: Chinese home buyers left in the lurch by China’s real estate slump

Observers are watching if property sales would go up during this Golden Week - a popular period for home purchases.

‘We did it’: Taiwan’s new sea monster of a submarine sends deterrence message to China

The diplomatically isolated island has struggled for decades to buy submarines or get key technologies to build them.

How Chinese EVs’ rapid growth put them in European crosshairs

The rapid rise of such firms was also due to supply chain advantages and strong market competition.

Second round of Fukushima wastewater release to start next week

The water has been filtered of all radioactive elements except tritium, which is within safe levels.

Asia Future Summit

China shifts attention to post-pandemic recovery

To be ready, Beijing needs to be honest about the pros and cons of how it handled Covid-19.

Ageing Asia: In Japan, you’re never too old to start a boy band

Japan leads Asia and the world in greying; how it copes is closely watched.

Two-day conference in October to discuss Asia’s future amid growing uncertainty

Event organised by SPH Media will take place on Oct 4 and 5.