Taiwanese rescue teams were trying on Tuesday to retrieve the body of  "Bikini Climber" Gigi Wu, who became famous on social media for taking selfies on top of mountain peaks dressed in a bikini.


A look at what countries like Malaysia, Thailand, India and The United States are doing to reduce sugar intake among its citizens.
A putrid puddle filled with rubbish lies below a mountain of plastic scrap at an illegal dumpsite next to a palm oil plantation in Jenjarom, Klang, near Malaysia's largest port.
  • Participants of a tour conducted by the Death Railway Interest Group on the famous Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand last month. Above: Nong Pladuk station, the starting point of the Siam-Burma "Death" Railway on the Thai side. Left: Among those w
NEW DELHI • The bodies were being dumped in the pit, one on top of the other. Mr Marimuthu Sabapathy, a worker who helped build the infamous Siam-Burma Railway during World War II for the Japanese, was among them. But he wasn't dead.
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