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More than 129 people killed after stampede at Indonesia football match

Indonesia’s sports minister Zainudin Amali said authorities would re-evaluate safety at football matches and consider not allowing spectators.

China under Xi Jinping: A look at his 10-year rule and what lies ahead

While the bid to extend his rule over China has its critics, his hold on power is too strong to shake, as Asian Insider finds out. 

India 'knocks on doors of new era' with launch of 5G services

Hurdles to a widespread 5G roll-out include inadequate telecoms infrastructure and low 5G handset penetration.

China's Golden Week off to a lukewarm start amid tighter Covid-19 curbs

Official advice for Chinese to stay put in their home cities put a damper on the usual shopping and travel peak. 

Power Play

Can India give the US a boost in the clean energy race?

The potential is there in India’s low-cost manufacturing base, scale, rare earths, investor interest and ambition.