His name was synonymous with gongfu legend and cultural icon Bruce Lee.


  • (From left) Senior air safety investigator Bryan Siow, air safety investigator Alexander Leong, senior air safety investigator Steven Teo and senior air safety investigator Ng Junsheng. The first three were sent by Singapore's TSIB to join Indonesia'
Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB) sent investigators to join Indonesia's national transportation safety committee KNKT in the open-water search for the "black box" recorders from Lion Air Flight JT610. 
  • Mr Takashi Kusuda, an employee at the Higashinada sewage treatment plant, in front of a facility that refines city sewage into biogas.
Kobe has Japan's largest biomedical innovation cluster, and also lays claim to being the first in the world to power up several city facilities within an urban area - like sports stadium and a general hospital - using heat and electricity generated solely by hydrogen gas.
  • In 2014, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally accepted from then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott an 11th-century idol of Nataraja - the Hindu god Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer. The statue was allegedly stolen from a temple i
Mr S. Vijay Kumar, a Singapore-based shipping executive and co-founder of the India Pride Project - an outfit of art aficionados and amateur art detectives trying to track down stolen Indian art internationally and get them returned - helped establish two 12th-century stone statues were stolen from India.
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