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New Philippine president Marcos Jr extols father’s legacy as he charts his own path

Mr Marcos Jr was sworn in as the 17th president of his country, completing an epic return of his family to power.


Hong Kong at 25-year mark after handover: Time for a reboot?

Beijing says the slew of changes have been to bring stability back to the city.

Indians fear end of low-cost flights amid record high airfares

Fares have surged by 30 to 50 per cent to their highest since the pandemic, driven by record high prices of jet fuel.

Used to getting her own way, Philippine President Marcos Jr's wife expected to co-steer country

Lawyer Louise Araneta-Marcos is tough, smart and even said to have sidelined her mother-in-law Imelda Marcos.

Power Play

The geopolitical realities of Ream Naval Base

The US has warned about Chinese designs on the naval base in Cambodia. While its position has strategic value, it's not a game changer.