• Mrs Imelda Marcos, 89, former Philippine dictator Ferdinard Marcos' widow, pointing to her daughter Imee after the younger Marcos filed her certificate of candidacy yesterday to run in the Senate elections next year. The Marcos family has capitalised
Former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos' widow Imelda seeks to replace her daughter Imee as governor of Ilocos Norte province as the latter eyes a Senate seat.


After having survived for millions of years, coral reefs may soon die from the threats posed by humans. The Straits Times team reports from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  • THEN AND NOW (from left): •An aerial view of Shibuya Crossing in the early 1950s, when the Hibari-go cable car was in operation. The crossing has become the symbol of Tokyo. It is said that over 500,000 people cross it each day. •Street c
On this day 150 years ago, an imperial edict was issued to declare the start of the Meiji era, ending the rule of warlords and two centuries of isolationism in Japan.
  • Women distributing water at a wholesale flower market during the Durga Puja festival in Chennai last week. Chennai, a coastal city in Tamil Nadu state, is situated on India's south-eastern coastline but it is not near any significant freshwater sourc
Engineer Ram Shankar installed rainwater collecting structures at his Chennai home almost two decades ago.
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