• Mr Senapathy Gopalakrishnan's early ambition was to be a doctor, but when that did not pan out, he studied for a physics degree and later earned a master's degree in computer science.
It has been a life full of twists and turns for Indian tech billionaire Senapathy "Kris" Gopalakrishnan, but the co-founder of IT giant Infosys says embracing those challenges and working hard have taken him to where he is today.


Cremated remains are put into biodegradable urns and buried in a meadow at the Beijing Eternal Memory Park. In time, the urns will decompose and no traces of the bodies will remain.
Ikea will also collaborate with a local start-up, UrbanClap, which offers a range of on-demand services through its pool of providers. Getting an UrbanClap professional to run an errand for you, for instance, costs an average of $4 an hour.
  • Employees of start-ups hard at work in Dream Town, an incubator zone in Hangzhou, capital of China's Zhejiang province. The zone offers entrepreneurs perks like rent-free premises and tax breaks to attract them to the city to start businesses. A work
Hangzhou, the home of Chinese digital giant Alibaba, is fast becoming a magnet for talent and innovative enterprises.
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They may not be the only fish in the sea, but there is a whole carnival dedicated to crayfish in China.

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