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  • Mr Dean Tan with his eight-year-old corgi named Cube. He started the Smartpaw website in 2016 to sell dehydrated dog treats and later switched to selling electronic pet products like feeders, cameras and paw washers.
Entrepreneur Dean Tan found himself barking up the wrong tree when he tried his first pet-based online venture, but he seems to have hit the mark with his next try.


Games & Apps

Fallout 76 is the first online multiplayer version of the post-nuclear apocalyptic role-playing game (RPG) franchise.


The Charge 3 is the the most advanced fitness tracker in the market, according to Fitbit. It succeeds the critically acclaimed Charge 2 that was launched in 2016 and comes with plenty of improvements.
  • The Orbi Voice kit includes an Orbi router and an Orbi Voice speaker.


The Netgear Orbi Voice melds two of the hottest consumer tech gadgets in recent years - smart speakers and mesh Wi-Fi routers - into one.
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