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Global Village Dubai, a multicultural festival park. The city's rich Arab history is interwoven with other cultures and ethnicities of people who have settled there. Dubai aims to show that it is more than just luxury and ostentation, and is pulling

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Professor Carlos Ibanez says the use of the molecule to activate the "death receptor" of melanoma skin cancer cells presents an option for a new treatment method for the remaining 45 per cent of melanoma skin cancer patients for whom current treatmen
Above: Dr Alexei Tikhonov among some of the museum's mammoths. Left: A taxidermist at the museum at work.


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Marina Chan and her mixed 4x50m freestyle teammates equalled Singapore's best relay result at the Fina Swimming World Cup yesterday.
Shahril Ishak before his injury in the AFF Cup match in Bacolod, where he lasted only six minutes after coming on. He fell awkwardly after a mid-air challenge.

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Saturday November 17 2018

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