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City captain Vincent Kompany lifting the FA Cup after the team thumped Watford 6-0 at Wembley on Saturday, the biggest margin of victory in a final since 1903. Below: City manager Pep Guardiola embracing Raheem Sterling, who scored twice, during the
Singapore billionaire Peter Lim with Valencia players after their 2-0 win over Valladolid on Saturday to secure a spot in next season's Champions League - the third time since he bought the club five years ago. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/VALENCIAFC

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Ms Linda Loh joined exercise classes to combat loneliness when her grown-up children moved out of the family home. Today, she works out with a group of exercise enthusiasts who call themselves Bedok Sweeties.
Having quality social connections can help a person fight loneliness.

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Monday May 20 2019

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