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(From left) SP Group deputy director Lu Yang; Mr Goh Chee Kiong, chief executive of SP Group's new energies business; and SP Group senior engineer Sethu Sundar Pethaiah standing in front of a hydrogen energy system at its concept lab in Woodleigh.
A fruit bat at the bat exhibit of the Night Safari. Fruit bats are pollinators and seed dispersers, and studies show that those from the Pteropodidae family are among the most efficient pollinators of durian trees.
Mr Sean Lee (above) and Dr Andree Hartanto point out that studies have shown positive emotions can stimulate the production of Immunoglobulin A - a special type of antibody that fortifies the mucus membranes which line the respiratory tract, for example,


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A double-volume space featuring a lofty ceiling is a hallmark of the Toa Payoh station.

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Saturday February 29 2020

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