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According to a recent analysis by the International Energy Agency, the power required to operate existing air conditioners is responsible for about 12 per cent of carbon emissions. Barring significant improvement, this share will triple by 2050.

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When Zen On showed symptoms of juvenile dermatomyositis, the skin rash was thought to be eczema, the reluctance to walk seen as a sign of laziness or fatigue and the frequent falls dismissed as clumsiness. She is now seven years old and almost fully

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The massive gallery at Atlanta's East Lake Golf Club chanting Tiger Woods' name as the sport's biggest star returns to the winner's circle. Walking ahead on the 18th green is flight-mate Rory McIlroy.
Top row (from left): Participants stretch before the 10km run. Pacers for the 18.45km run getting into the mood before the start. Centre row (clockwise from left): 10km runners dressed in Superman and Wonder Woman garb along Nicoll Highway. A runner

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The "violence" in dance performance Joy (left) is achieved by the careful angling of bodies, the exaggerated expressions of pain and sound effects from the sidelines.
Mr Terence Ho hopes to "be the voice for the traditional arts" and aims to use the arts to bring people of different races, religions and backgrounds together.
The film noir-ish Shoot The Moon (above) is one of four works Dutch dance company Nederlands Dans Theater is presenting at da:ns festival.

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Tuesday September 25 2018

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