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The Casteless Collective (above) uses music to criticise India's caste system, drawing on members' own experiences and those of their ancestors. One member, Dharani (left), is seen here singing about the eviction of around 40,000 families - including

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Joseph Schooling competing in the 200m individual medley final of Fina World Cup Singapore leg at the OCBC Aquatic Centre last night. He clocked 2min 0.23sec, just off his national record of 1:59.99, to finish fourth.
Muhamad Ridhwan's professional boxing career has been left in limbo following a fallout with his management company but he refuses to stop fighting.

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Propagate Indian Borage through tip cuttings.
The marble and wood counter is where the family hangs out when the younger son demonstrates his culinary skills.
Long slim grilles (above) and a large pegboard menu draw the eye up towards the 8m-high ceiling at Banchong Cafe, which serves items such as laksa and kaya toast.

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Saturday August 17 2019

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