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Surfers in Singapore who have been thwarted in chasing the waves overseas by Covid-19 travel restrictions have been flocking to one of the known surf spots in the country. Around 20 surfers were seen there yesterday afternoon - a beach near the Natio

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A member of the Brazilian DreamMax team tested positive for Covid-19. The other nine overseas-based teams set to feature at the M2 World Championship are from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Japan and Russia. Together with tw
Novak Djokovic arriving in Adelaide where he will isolate and prepare for the warm-up tournaments before the Australian Open. Tennis players and officials arriving in Melbourne on a charter flight. They will enter two weeks of quarantine before the s

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Dr June Goh-Rin wearing a Dior dress and necklace in her living room.

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January 15 2021

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