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What the world did and didn't accomplish at COP26

How has the summit in Glasgow moved the needle in speeding up climate action? What does it mean for Singapore and the region?

COP26: Big hurdles ahead of China's push to cut methane emissions

Climate observers were disappointed that China didn't sign on to the Global Methane Pledge at COP26.

COP26: India's opposition to phasing out coal supported at home

Coal accounts for more than half of India's energy usage.


COP26: Climate change explained in 5 charts

Mankind's activities are adding so much greenhouse gases, that earth is heating up much faster than in the past.

Five climate change myths busted

Some common claims that question global warming wilt under scientific scrutiny.


Why are UN climate talks important?

Nations have been grappling with the growing threat of climate change for years and negotiations led by the UN have been a key way to tackle the crisis.


    Climate science

    Start-up's novel energy storage system to power parts of Pulau Ubin

    Nearly 10 years ago, two scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) had ambitions to create giant batteries that could power towns and buildings at night with clean electricity.

    Study reveals how climate, weather-related food losses affect everyone

    They found that the impact on crop and livestock production can be far and wide, stretching across states and affecting non-food sectors.

    More extreme El Nino, La Nina events could drive global warming, study finds

    It could have impact on the wind and ocean circulation patterns in the Southern Ocean.

    Impacts and Nature

    Flood-hit Pakistan battles to avert overflow of biggest lake

    Workers are widening a breach in the banks to drain the lake of water.

    Greenland already locked in to major sea level rise: Study

    The Greenland ice sheet is currently the main factor in swelling the Earth's oceans.

    Great Barrier Reef shows big increase in coral cover, but future uncertain: Report

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef saw the highest levels of coral cover in nearly four decades. 

    How 'accidentally discovered' corals in Sentosa can help scientists predict sea level rise in Singapore

    Microatolls off Southern Islands helping NTU research team piece together S'pore's sea level history.

    Images of Climate Change

    In Pictures: Deadly landslide sweeps through Italy’s holiday island of Ischia

    At least seven people were killed, including a newborn baby and two children.