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Key takeaways from COP27 climate summit in Egypt

The two-week UN climate summit saw negotiations by nearly 200 nations about the future of global action on climate change.

COP27 explainer: What is 'Loss and Damage' compensation, and who should pay?

The phrase refers to costs already being incurred from climate-fuelled weather extremes or impacts.

Why UN Climate Change Conference COP27 matters for Singapore

Singapore is no small player in summits such as COP27 and can help steer the world to meet climate change targets.


COP26: Climate change explained in 5 charts

Mankind's activities are adding so much greenhouse gases, that earth is heating up much faster than in the past.

Five climate change myths busted

Some common claims that question global warming wilt under scientific scrutiny.


Why are UN climate talks important?

Nations have been grappling with the growing threat of climate change for years and negotiations led by the UN have been a key way to tackle the crisis.


    Climate science

    Fringe climate proposal of a giant space parasol gains interest

    Scientists say shielding Earth from 2% of the Sun’s radiation will keep it in manageable climate boundaries.

    Trailblazers: Professor ‘Energizer Bunny’ powers on in battery research, winning accolades

    Professor Madhavi Srinivasan, 40sExecutive director of the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) and NTU Sustainability OfficeHer colleagues call her an “Energizer Bunny” because of her effervescent energy and enthusiasm for her work.

    Trailblazers: ‘Father of photovoltaics’ envisions at-sea solar farms around Singapore

    Professor Martin Green created a solar cell so powerful and efficient that it is used in most of the solar panels made today.

    Impacts and Nature

    Harmful waste generation set to jump, UN warns

    The greatest growth in rubbish is projected to be in regions that rely on open dumping and burning.

    Amazon rainforest could face tipping point by 2050: Study

    Deforestation, drought, fire and rising temperatures have eroded the ability of the Amazon’s forests to withstand shocks.

    The world is quietly losing the land it needs to feed itself

    The world is rapidly losing usable land for self-inflicted reasons.

    Polar bears struggling to adapt to longer ice-free Arctic periods

    The world’s 25,000 polar bears remaining in the wild are endangered primarily by climate change.

    S'pore lost nearly 40% of its biodiversity in past 200 years, not as much as was believed: Study

    The latest study found that overall extinction rate was nearly half that of a previous estimate.