What can be done to protect these marine habitats from the effects of climate change? Find out.
Find out what Singapore is doing about climate extremes and other key challenges flagged by the UN IPCC report.


The United Nations climate change conference, COP26, will begin on Oct 31 in Glasgow.
Nations have been grappling with the growing threat of climate change for years and negotiations led by the UN have been a key way to tackle the crisis.
Some common claims that question global warming wilt under scientific scrutiny.  



    Asia's energy transition

    The Straits Times bureaus report on the impact of the surge in oil, natural gas and coal prices across the Asia-Pacific.
    They say Indonesia's plan to slash use of coal for electricity production will be difficult to achieve unless incentives are given.
    The country has set its target for emissions cuts to 46 per cent by 2030, in response to pressure from the US and some firms.

    Climate science

    The findings show that oceanic skaters can function as a canary in the coal mine in a warming ocean.
    Animals from birds to rabbits have evolved bigger body parts, which could allow them to lose body heat more effectively.
    Trees can lower air temperature in city neighbourhoods 10 lifesaving degrees, scientists have found.

    Images of Climate Change

    Early snow blanketing the fields of Handan, in China's northern Hebei province, in an aerial shot taken on Sunday.