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COP26: Big hurdles ahead of China's push to cut methane emissions

Climate observers were disappointed that China didn't sign on to the Global Methane Pledge at COP26.

US regains global role at COP26 but it makes little impact at home

Renewed US leadership at COP26 raised ambition to tackle the climate crisis.

COP26: India's opposition to phasing out coal supported at home

Coal accounts for more than half of India's energy usage.


The state of play on the six key issues at UN climate conference COP26

The United Nations climate change conference, COP26, will begin on Oct 31 in Glasgow.

Why are UN climate talks important?

Nations have been grappling with the growing threat of climate change for years and negotiations led by the UN have been a key way to tackle the crisis.

Five climate change myths busted

Some common claims that question global warming wilt under scientific scrutiny.



    Climate science

    Arctic rainfall could dominate snowfall earlier than expected: Study

    The Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the planet.

    Insect that lives on ocean surface a tiny clue to climate change

    The findings show that oceanic skaters can function as a canary in the coal mine in a warming ocean.

    Animals 'shape-shifting' as climate warms: Study

    Animals from birds to rabbits have evolved bigger body parts, which could allow them to lose body heat more effectively.

    Impacts and Nature

    More protected areas won't save biodiversity, warn experts

    The world must also tackle climate change, pollution, invasive species and plastic waste. 

    Proposal to reclassify oil palm plantations as forest crop draws flak in Indonesia

    Experts say move could cause Indonesia to lose international recognition for its fight against deforestation.

    For peat's sake: Study reveals benefits of restoring Indonesia's fragile peat lands

    A study calculated that peat land restoration could have reduced economic losses by US$8.4 billion (S$11.45 billion) from 2004 to 2015.

    Coral reefs of western Indian Ocean at risk of collapse: Study

    All reefs in this region faced "complete ecosystem collapse and irreversible damage" within decades.

    Global warming has killed 14% of the world's corals in a decade

    Hardest hit were corals in South Asia and the Pacific, around the Arabian Peninsula, and off the coast of Australia.

    Images of Climate Change

    Cold snap in China's northern Hebei province

    Early snow blanketing the fields of Handan, in China's northern Hebei province, in an aerial shot taken on Sunday.