Benson Ang

Benson Ang joined the Life desk of The Straits Times in 2014. A creative arts honours graduate, he has been a journalist since 2008. He writes lifestyle and travel features, as well as concert and theatre reviews.
American singer Demi Lovato (above) has reportedly entered rehabilitation after being discharged from hospital.
Jamie, a virtual assistanton more than 50 government agency websites, dons a policewoman's uniform on the Singapore Police Force website. Low-cost airline Scoot's "intern" Marvie helps to book flights and answer frequently asked questions on Facebook
Mr Daniel Tay, owner of cake shop Cat & the Fiddle, at the farm where the business gets its durians from. Ms Sofie Chandra (left) and Ms Germaine Lim at a durian buffet at Agrobazaar Malaysia at Sultan Gate last Sunday. Durian lover Jit Lim enjoying
Meet Moana (above) and watch the buildings of Main Street, USA  (left) transform into a canvas for visuals paying tribute to Mickey Mouse at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
Taiwanese aboriginal singer-actress Luo Mei-ling (right) shines as Eny, an Indonesian helper who joins a three-generation family.