With a 2,729mm wheelbase, the car offers more interior space and legroom. The boot offers 1,540 litres of stowage with the rear seats folded.
The Stelvio Quadrifoglio is Alfa Romeo's first sport utility vehicle.
The Bentley Continental GT’s 4-litre V8 variant impresses, completing the century sprint in 4 seconds and hitting a top speed of 318kmh.
The new design of the Vitara’s grille has six short vertical slates that look like they are radiating from the Suzuki logo and the instrument cluster gets a new full-colour LCD display between the speedometer and tachometer.
With 395Nm of instant torque, the Niro EV leaves the regular pack in the dust. It has premium amenities such as cordless phone charging and ventilated seats. And as an electric car, it can save $20,000 in fuel expenses over 10 years for its owner.