Ong Sor Fern

Georgette Chen's (above) interest in the lives of everyday people was evident in her works, such as in Malay Wedding (above left). The retrospective includes archival material such as photos. (right).
Tuesdays With Morrie stars Benjamin Chow (above left) and Remesh Panicker (right).
The mechanism of the clock and chimes in Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall's Clock Tower, reached via a narrow trapdoor at the top, is run by gravity in the way an old-school grandfather clock works, with counterweights and a pendulum. The Arts House
Doraemon figures as well as an Anywhere Door (main picture) on the front lawn of the National Museum of Singapore. (Above) The Doraemon installation has been curated with highlights of the museum's collections from the 1960s through to the 1980s.