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Can you spot a scam? Find out how well you know 6 common scams in S'pore

Does the job offer sound too good to be true? Take our “scam detector” quiz to find out how good you are at spotting a scam.


Beware of simple online jobs that pay well

You will end up in the slammer because authorities here are clamping down on such financial crimes.

Don't click links: CNB, Iras among latest organisations to warn against fake e-mails, SMSes

Iras said the fake SMS contained a link and appeared together with previous legitimate messages.

6 ways to avoid being scammed in S'pore; helplines and online resources

Here are tips to help Singaporeans protect themselves against scams.


    Phishing Scams

    Police warn of banking-related phishing scams after 10 people lose over $70,000

    The scammers impersonate bank staff and target victims through phone calls or SMS messages.

    900 phishing scams since January, some scammers pretending to be police officers

    Recipients of such calls should ignore instructions as no govt agency will ask for personal info via phone call.

    4 of 7 youths allegedly linked to OCBC scams accused of other offences

    The other unrelated offences include robbery and rioting.