Pop star Show Lo dropped by Chinese shows after cheating scandal

Taiwanese singer Show Lo was dropped from Chinese reality show Go Fighting!. PHOTOS: GO FIGHTING!/WEIBO

The repercussions for Taiwanese pop star Show Lo continue as he has been dropped by more shows in China.

His ex-girlfriend Grace Chow, 31, wrote an explosive post on Weibo last Thursday (April 23), announcing that she had broken up with Lo, 40, for some time. The Chinese Internet celebrity went on to accuse the singer-host of cheating on her, having sexual relationships with other women and hosting sex parties.

Netizens have been calling for Lo's removal from several variety shows such as Go Fighting! (2015 to present), Street Dance Of China (2018 to present) and Produce Camp 2020, in which female contestants compete for the chance to make their show-business debut.

Produce Camp 2020 has reacted swiftly to the scandal by removing him from the list of mentors, with reports saying he will be replaced by either singers Kris Wu or Jackson Yee.

Lo's name still appears on the filming schedule for Street Dance Of China, but the programme has since clarified on Weibo that it has not finalised the list.

Dragon Television's Go Fighting! is the latest show to distance itself from Lo after his name was missing from the list of hosts for the upcoming season, which will begin airing on May 10.

It released the list of returning hosts for Season 6 on Thursday (April 30), which includes actor Lei Jiayin, crosstalk performer Yue Yunpeng, actor Wang Xun, actor Jia Nailiang, singer Lay Zhang and actress Dilraba Dilmurat. There were two additions to the list - actors Deng Lun and Guo Jingfei.

Lo, who has been a fixture on the show the past five seasons, had said in early April that he would be returning for season six. Reports said he was paid about 42 million yuan (S$8.4 million) for hosting one season of Go Fighting!.

On April 15, the singer posted photos of him flying to Shenzhen, China, as he prepared for a 14-day quarantine before filming the variety show.

Lo's popularity in Taiwan has seen him invited to China to host variety shows and endorse products. He won Taiwan's Golden Bell Award in 2017 for hosting the long-running variety show 100% Entertainment with his co-host Linda Chien, the third party in his relationship with Chow. Chien has since apologised to Chow on social media.

The scandal means that the singer-host is likely to take a hit on his earnings from China.

According to Chinese media, Lo, who has since completed his quarantine in Shenzhen, may not return to Taiwan for now to avoid media scrutiny. He is said to be planning a press conference sometime in May to apologise for his indiscretions.


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