Taiwanese pop star Show Lo's co-host Linda Chien apologises to Lo's ex-girlfriend Grace Chow

Linda Chien (left), who is a co-host with Show Lo (right) on variety programme 100% Entertainment, posted an apology online to Lo's ex-girlfriend Grace Chow. PHOTOS: BUTTERFLY092288/INSTAGRAM, SHOWLO/INSTAGRAM

Taiwanese pop star Show Lo's ugly break-up with his influencer girlfriend Grace Chow, the most-talked-about scandal in the Chinese entertainment scene currently, has taken yet another turn.

The rumoured third party between the couple, Linda Chien Kai-le, 36, one of Lo's co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment, has come out to apologise to Chow.

Chien, also known as Butterfly Sister from her early stint as a children's programme presenter, posted the apology on Saturday night (April 25). "I would like to sincerely apologise to Miss Grace Chow here and to say sorry to all those who love me," she wrote.

Chien's post is widely seen as an indirect confirmation that she was one of Lo's sexual partners outside of his relationship with Chow.

This comes after two days of radio silence from Chien since Chow, 31, put up an explosive post on her social media accounts last Thursday (April 23), detailing how her nine-year relationship with Lo, 40, came to an end.

She accused him of constantly contacting other women on a separate phone, having sexual relations with different women whenever she was not around, hosting sex parties and having "improper relations" with his make-up artist and a female artist he manages.

Though Chow did not name Chien in her initial post, Chien is reportedly the only female artist under Lo's management agency Creation Entertainment. She was signed to Lo in 2014.

Chow also confirmed in a comment thread that she got tested for sexually transmitted diseases after her break-up with Lo and even tagged Chien's official Instagram account in subsequent comments, implying that Chien should similarly get tested - indirectly naming her as one of Lo's sexual partners.

Lo apologised to his former girlfriend in an online post last Friday.

The flirtatious behaviour between Chien and Lo has long been noted by fans and the media, even before Lo publicly acknowledged his relationship with Chow.

Chien and Lo have been hosting variety programme 100% Entertainment together since 2011 and frequently flirted with each other on the show, with Chien expressing her feelings for Lo - though the two played it off as an onscreen shtick.

She once mistakenly referred to Lo as her boyfriend instead of her boss, and has, on several occasions, flaunted the expensive luxury bags Lo gifts her every year on her birthday.

Taiwanese media reported that Chien's late-night post garnered over 30,000 comments in just three hours - with many netizens mocking her and accusing her of granting sexual favours to Lo in return for a more lucrative career.

Some have even called for Lo and Chien to retire from the entertainment industry completely.


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