Taiwanese singer Show Lo apologises to ex-girlfriend after she accused him of cheating

Show Lo (left) has been accused of inviting women to the home the two share when ex-girlfriend Grace Chow was not around. PHOTOS: SHOW LO/INSTAGRAM, GRACE CHOW/INSTAGRAM

Taiwanese singer, actor and host, Show Lo, has apologised to his ex-girlfriend of nine years, Chinese blogger Grace Chow, after she accused him of cheating on her.

In an Instagram post on Friday (April 24), Lo, 40, wrote: "Regarding the matter of my relationship, I would like to extend a solemn apology to Ms Grace Chow. I'm sorry, I was wrong."

This comes a day after Chow's explosive post on social media platform Weibo, in which the 31-year-old shared that she had broken up with Lo after he cheated on her many times.

Lo allegedly kept another mobile phone, which he used to contact other women. He has been accused of inviting women to the home the two share when Chow was not around, inviting women to his hotel when he travelled and having improper relationships with female artistes in his management agency.

Chow added that she kept forgiving Lo as she believed he could change, but she decided to speak out to prevent him from deceiving any more women.

In his apology to Chow, Lo wrote: "I did make a lot of mistakes, and I also want to apologise to all women who have been deceived and disrespected by me. I'm sorry, I will bear all the consequences."

But many netizens are unimpressed by his apology.

One commented: "I really cannot understand this. Are you that deprived?". Another wrote: "You don't mean this apology. You just can't afford to let Chow expose you like that."

Netizens have started calling for Lo's removal from popular variety shows Go Fighting! (2015-) and especially, Produce Camp 2020, in which female contestants compete for the chance to make their showbusiness debut.

Some have threatened to boycott the programmes if no changes are made to the line-up.


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