Taiwanese celebrity manager accuses singer Show Lo of blacklisting his artistes after romantic rebuff

Mr Eddie Chen (left) claimed the blacklisting occurred after Taiwanese actress Ann Yeh declined to go on a date with Show Lo. PHOTOS: EDDIE CHEN/FACEBOOK, SHOW LO/INSTAGRAM

The troubles of Taiwanese pop star Show Lo are far from over.

After his ugly break-up with his influencer girlfriend Grace Chow, 31, and reports of his infidelity dominated Chinese entertainment headlines in the last week, another accusation has now been thrown at him.

In a Facebook post on April 23 - the same day Chow wrote an explosive post on Weibo to announce the split - Taiwanese celebrity manager Eddie Chen recalled an incident involving Lo many years ago.

He claimed the 40-year-old singer blacklisted his artistes after one of them, Taiwanese actress Ann Yeh, declined to go on a date with him.

The incident allegedly took place when Lo and Yeh, 37, were filming the 2001 Hong Kong movie Expect A Miracle. Chen claimed that Yeh, whom he managed, was interrogated by Lo's assistant after rejecting Lo's offer.

Chen, who manages big names like Taiwanese actor Ethan Juan and Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, wrote: "I was very unhappy and confronted Lo about approaching Yeh without informing me."

When the media got wind of it, Chen claimed Lo, who is also a host, "publicly banned all my artistes from taking part in his shows".

Chen also alleged that Lo told the media he was upset with the manager for sharing photos of him and Yeh without his consent. But Chen claimed that Lo had given his consent, only to change his tune after Yeh's alleged rebuff.

"Some people's words become the truth just because they're famous," Chen wrote.

He also alleged that while Lo claims he and fellow Taiwanese singer Jay Chou are bosom buddies, Lo once boasted in private that he was the better singer.

"I keep many secrets for the industry's stars, but some of them only care about themselves and hurt those around them," Chen wrote.


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