Worst of the lot

Mary’s Kafe, an eatery at 1 Queen Street, is one of the bottom five curry puffs rated. PHOTO: ST FILE

A slew of issues plague the curry puffs that rank the lowest in the blind taste tests.

Oon's main gripe is that the potato curry in many of the curry puffs is not cooked properly, resulting in undercooked spice paste that tastes raw.

Agreeing, Tan says: "I was floored by how many bad ones there were. The worst mistake is not frying the spice paste until the flavours meld properly. It results in jarring notes in the filling that can be really unpleasant.

"Even my favourite curry puff, AMK Curry Puff, did not stand a chance. This was a humbling lesson."

Other issues that Wong points out includes undercooked dough, and fillings that are either too sweet or not spicy at all. Some curry puffs, he adds, have barely any filling.

The bottom five are Hassan Stall (Changi Village Food Centre, 2 Changi Village Road, 01-29), Balmoral Bakery (105 Clementi Street 12), Dough Culture (six outlets including Causeway Point, Changi City Point, and Nex), Baker's Oven Patisseries (15 Woodlands Loop) and Mary's Kafe (Kum Yan Methodist Church, 1 Queen Street).

Sanmugam, who notices that some curry puffs have a rancid taste because the oil used to fry them has been reused too many times, says: "Using the same oil again and again spoils the taste of a curry puff and many don't seem to know the right temperature. Others roll the pastry too thick, but don't seem to know how long they should fry the pastry so that it is cooked through.

"I feel that the standard of curry puffs has gone down."

For a full list of the other curry puffs that were tasted, click here.

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