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Cheap & Good: Let them eat cake from bakery Bee's Cake

(Clockwise from top left) Chocolate Praline Cake, Mango Shortcake, Earl Grey Lavender, Carrot Cake and Country Apple Cake.
(Clockwise from top left) Chocolate Praline Cake, Mango Shortcake, Earl Grey Lavender, Carrot Cake and Country Apple Cake.ST PHOTO: TAN KENG YAO

I didn't want to be stuck eating leftovers for days.

So when I invited my junior college classmates to my house for a get-together, I ordered less dessert - mini passionfruit tarts - than I thought I would need. I was sure my friends would load up on the main meal and have no room for sweets.

How wrong can assumptions be?

Embarrassingly, the tarts I ordered from bakery Bee's Cake ran out in minutes. Which was when I realised two things: Dessert should never be an afterthought and, when it comes to these passionfruit tarts ($15 for 12), no one can stop at one - or three, or maybe five.

While anything bite-sized encourages non-stop nibbling, these tarts filled with passionfruit curd were truly delightful, especially when chilled.

The smooth, jammy curd was the right balance of tangy and sweet, the tartness and the fragrance of the fruit making you long for more.


  • 520 Upper Serangoon Road; tel: 9742-3872; open: 9am to 6pm (Mondays to Thursdays, by appointment), 10am to 6pm (Fridays and Saturdays for walk-ins and collection of orders), 10am to 5pm (Sundays for walk-ins and collection of orders); go to

    Rating: 4/5

And each tart was topped with a cone of meringue, light and fluffy like a cloud.

But what pulled the whole thing together was the tart's biscuit-y crust, which gave a nice crunch and contrast to the creamy passionfruit curd.

Encouraged by the popularity of the tarts, I ventured back to the bakery to see what else I could get for future gatherings.

While tarts, whole cakes and other treats such as mini eclairs must be ordered in advance, this mom-and-pop shop also sells a limited number of sliced cakes to walk-in customers on weekends.

My plan was to buy just a few slices to sample.

But the will is weak. I ended up with so many flavours, I'd rather not mention the number. No regrets though.

The Country Apple Cake ($5 a slice) deserves special mention. The lovely thing comprised layers of sponge cake, custard and slices of apple and was topped with a dusting of crumble.

It was light, fluffy and fragrant - the apple was somewhere in the continuum between crunchy and soft - and the custard was luscious.

Some places serve baked fruit crumble with crumble that is coarse and pebbly, but here, the crumble was fine-grained and made me think of crunching on granulated sugar (in a good way).

Another cake I liked was the Mango Shortcake ($6 a slice), which was studded with generous chunks of mango, giving off a tiny bit of juice with every bite.

I also recommend the Chocolate Praline Cake ($6 a slice). The rich chocolate cake with a crunchy layer of chocolate wafer is coated with chocolate ganache so dark and complex, it leaves a bitter-sweetness lingering on the tongue.

So the next time I invite anyone over, I'm going to make sure I order too much dessert.

After all, I'll get to eat the leftovers.

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