Actor-singer Aliff Aziz tells his critics not to 'take pleasure in insulting others' because they may err too

Actor-singer Aliff Aziz seemed to imply in an online post that it is not easy for celebrities to stay calm if they are provoked by others in public.


SINGAPORE - When news surfaced recently that Aliff Aziz could be patching things up with his former wife Bella Astillah, some netizens urged the Malaysian actress to exercise caution.

They pointed out that he was arrested in Orchard Road in 2019 for drunken behaviour.

The Singapore actor-singer, 28, is also said to have stolen one million rupiah (S$99) and $300 from an Indonesian actress, as well as a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from a man.

Their warnings to Bella, 25, took on more credibility when he threw a chair and exposed himself during an argument, as shown in a video that went viral last week.

But Aliff, who defended his right to call his father for help during the Orchard Road incident, has hit back at those who slammed him over his latest behaviour.

In an online post, he wrote: "Keep laughing at my pain. Yes, I brought it upon myself.

"But trust me, walk in my shoes and you'd probably fall (at) the first step."

Aliff seemed to be implying that it is not easy for celebrities to stay calm if they are provoked by others in public.

"Yes, I shamed my loved ones. (But) no one knows my predicament."

He also questioned if others were fit to play jury and judge.

"Reflect yourself in the mirror and see if you're fit to judge.

"Don't take pleasure in insulting others because it may happen to you and then you'll know how it feels," he added.

Aliff noted too that while others may write him off, he believes that God will not do so.

Meanwhile, Bella has posted that others had improperly used a tweet from her in the past - that said "I was wondering, will I be happy?" - to cause confusion.

She clarified that she has not made any comments regarding Aliff's latest scandal.

Recently, there was talk about a possible reconciliation when Aliff posted a photo showing the two of them in a car.

She also put up a photo that showed her clinging to the arm of a man.

His face was not visible but he wore a similar T-shirt that Aliff sported in his photo.

The two, who married in 2016, divorced in May last year, with Bella fed up over his wandering ways.

She has custody of their two-year-old son.

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