Aliff Aziz defends his right to call his father for help when he was pinned down by police

Aliff Aziz (left) was in court in October to face two charges of theft. One of the videos shows a man shouting into his mobile phone while police officers try to handcuff him. PHOTOS: ALPHONSUS CHERN, SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

Aliff Aziz is already 28 so should he call his father for help?

That was one talking point raised by netizens after a video showed him reaching out to his dad when he was pinned down by police officers on Sunday (Nov 10).

In the video, he can be heard saying: "You talk to my father... I never resist."

The police said officers were on patrol at 6.40am on Sunday when they came across two men arguing in Orchard Road

But the Singapore singer-actor, who was arrested and was later released, has defended his right to call his father.

In a video posted on his mother's social-media account, Aliff said there is nothing improper in tapping family during moments of crisis, even if "he is 40 or 50 years old".

Brushing away the criticism, he added that he had also received many messages of support, even as he admitted that 2019 has been a tough year for him.

"Hopefully, I will come out of this stronger," added Aliff who was charged in court recently over theft.

He allegedly stole one million rupiah (S$97) and $300 from Indonesian actress Raja Yunika Perdhana Putri while in a local hotel room.

He is also said to have stolen a packet of cigarettes and a lighter at a Starbucks outlet in Plaza Singapura .

Earlier this year, Aliff split up with Malaysian actress Bella Astillah, 25, after almost three years of marriage. She said he had cheated on her several times.

In the video about the Sunday incident, he nodded his head when someone said there was a reason that things happened and that Aliff has to move on from these episodes.

He revealed that he could not talk much about the Orchard Road incident even if this would encourage more wild speculation over what happened.

"I hope there is a reward for me in the afterlife, not because of the good I've done, but because there are many people who like to talk bad behind me," he added of his resolve to bounce back.

The video, which was shot in a hawker centre, also showed the faces of his father and sister.

As Aliff tries to put a difficult year behind him and look forward to next year, he can at least count on Bella for a lift.

She recently told entertainment site HLive that she has been making frequent trips to Singapore for work. "If there's time, I'll bring Ayden (their two-year-old son) with me so he can see his dad," said Bella.

She also drew flak when she did not keep a low profile after the divorce but was seen appearing at promotional events. She hit back by asking the critics to support her and her child, if they did not want her to work.

Both Bella and Aliff have also been criticised for maintaining contact with each other, with some netizens blasting him for still toying with her affections.

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