Hot Bods

Left: Chin Nian Kang, 25. Right: Evelyn Yong, 44.
Left: Chin Nian Kang, 25. Right: Evelyn Yong, 44.

Chin Nian Kang, 25


Height: 1.74m Weight: 81kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym every day, rest when I feel my body needs it, and do a bit of cardio when I feel like it. I played rugby in junior college, and was a member of the Cheerleading team in NUS. Now, I'm a bodybuilder.

Diet: My diet is chicken breast, steamed fish and some carbs. I don't have a fixed timing for meals. In fact, I love eating in the middle of the night before I sleep. I don't drink alcohol and avoid chocolates, nuts, and oily dishes. My favourite is Malay food with plenty of chilli.

Evelyn Yong, 44


Height: 1.65m Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: I spend 20 minutes on core exercises every day, alternating between speed training, endurance, and strength training for running every other day. I also do Crossfit on Mondays and Fridays, and take part in Spartan races.

Diet: Breakfast is two soft-boiled eggs and two slices of bread. Lunch is a bowl of fish or pork porridge with vegetables and no seasoning. Dinner is brown rice with soup and dishes. I don't snack in between meals, no supper and avoid alcohol and anything with caffeine. My favourite food is chilli crab.

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