Hot bods: Shawn Tan

Shawn Tan
Shawn Tan
Cynthia Siva Guru
Cynthia Siva Guru

Shawn Tan, 25

Fitness enthusiast

Height: 1.70m Weight: 74kg

Exercise regimen: I work out two to three times a week and alternate between push and pull exercises. For push exercises, I do bench presses for my chest. As for pull exercises, I do rows for my back muscles. I jog 4km as cardio exercise once or twice weekly. I also participate in dragon-boating activities over the weekends.

Diet: I usually eat anything I want. However, I consume food higher in protein content like chicken instead of food high in carbs like rice. As for rice, I always opt for half a bowl instead of a full one. I avoid oily food such as char kway teow and carrot cake, sugary food and drinks but allow myself to eat chocolates only once every fortnight as a treat because they are my favourite.

Cynthia Siva Guru, 20


Height: 1.64m Weight: 47kg

Exercise regimen: I try to exercise three to four times a week. For my lower-body workout, I do squats, lunges, leg presses and calf raises. To tone my back and biceps, I do dumbbell rows, lat pull-downs, bicep curls and hammer curls. As for my shoulders, I do lateral raises and shoulder presses. I work on my abs twice a week by doing leg drops, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, Russian twists and planks. I run in the evening for cardio.

Diet: I am a foodie so I do not follow a strict diet, but I eat clean. In order to include more protein in my meals, I usually eat chicken breasts and eggs. I completely avoid sugary drinks and candy. I drink only water and allow myself a slice of cheesecake once or twice a month whenever the craving hits.

Text and pictures by Timothy David

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