From wild boars to macaques, 4 attacks and other incidents related to feeding Singapore's wildlife

(Left) A woman injured after being attacked by a wild boar in Pasir Ris. (Right) A monkey named Sugar, which was harassing residents in Segar Road in 2017. PHOTOS: ST FILE, SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS READER

1. Wild boar steals curry puffs in Pulau Ubin

On Nov 22, a video of a wild boar tussling with a female cyclist in Chek Jawa was circulated online.

It was shown stealing curry puffs from her bicycle, even as the woman tried to wrestle the bicycle back.

More clips of the incident emerged, with one showing a wild boar pursuing another visitor and trying to wrestle her backpack from her.

2. Wild boar injures woman at Sungei Api Api Park

On Nov 17, a 50-year-old woman was taking an evening walk home near Pasir Ris Drive 3 when a wild boar charged at her.

Madam Yu was hospitalised with a 10cm-long gash on her left leg and facial injuries.

A few kilometres from the park where the woman was attacked, the National Parks Board caught 19 people feeding wild boars between Nov 26 and Dec 7.

3. Aggressive macaques in Bukit Panjang

In 2017, there were complaints about two monkeys harassing residents in Segar Road for months, stealing their food and even biting them.

One of the two long-tailed macaques, named Sugar, was caught after fleeing its captors for 15 days.

According to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, Sugar had been fed by a few residents in the estate.

It had to be weaned off human food and relocated back into the wild.

4. Woman fractures hip in Pulau Ubin boar attack

In September 2012, an elderly woman visiting Pulau Ubin fell and fractured her hip after a female wild boar targeted her bag of food.

She was with a group who had taken photos and fed the wild boar and its two piglets prior to the attack.

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