askST on picking the right university

Former students collecting their A-level results at Jurong Pioneer JC in 2020. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

SINGAPORE - Now that you have received your A-level results, many of you will be applying for a place in university.

With so many universities and courses now on offer, how do you pick what is right for you?

How can you take advantage of universities expanding their aptitude-based admissions?

Should you be considering a university that offers a longer work-study programme? Does it really lead to better job prospects?

Or should you put off university for a year or two and head to work first?

With knowledge becoming obsolete rapidly and work being impacted by artificial intelligence and automation, some of you may even be questioning the worth of a university degree.

The Straits Times senior education correspondent Sandra Davie will answer your questions about university admissions and help you make more informed choices on askST over six days, starting Saturday (Feb 22).

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