The Powder Room's new Cocktail Menu

SINGAPORE - (THE BUSINESS TIMES) Having a drink at The Powder Room is like going to a show headlined by Julian Serna, group bar manager at The Lo & Behold Group who's just revamped the bar's cocktail menu.

Depending on which cocktail you order, there's fire, smoke and even balloons involved.

"I wanted to celebrate the old-world drinking institutions, with their free-spirited rule-bending and unparalleled revelry," says Mr Serna, who was previously at Eau de Vie, one of the World's 50 Best Bars.

Some of the infused whiskies are made in-house, such as the banana whisky, which has been sous vide for 24 hours. Cocktails are categorised according to their characteristics - Light & Fruity, Rich & Full-flavoured and Complex & Stiff - to help you order according to your mood for the night. If you fancy something Light & Fruity, there is Bubble Yum, made from house-infused bubblegum vodka.

Also in the cocktail is Prosecco, triple sec, lime, fresh mint and raspberry puree. The scent of the bubblegum is clearly distinct. Bubble Yum comes with a helium balloon - so you can drink and speak in falsetto at the same time. Playing with Fire, from the Complex & Stiff category, is a throwback to the danger and excitement of the underground parties of yore, when the fear of police raids made every sip an illicit thrill. The drink, made of cognac and spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise, is torched before being served.

Also from the Complex & Stiff category, is Thank You For Smoking, where barrel-aged cigar tobacco- and coffee-infused whisky gets slightly sweetened with swirls of port reduction, chocolate bitters and cherry notes. The best part is you don't have to sit by the bar to enjoy the show. The theatrics will be brought to every table.

The Powder Room
19 Cecil Street

Tel: 8181-3305

This article was first published on July 03, 2015.
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