President Joko Widodo's chef dishes on the leader's favourite foods

Chef Tri Supriharjo has been cooking for President Joko Widodo since 2013. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB/YOUTUBE

(JAKARTA POST/ANN) - For those who wonder whether President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo has any culinary favourites, the President has uploaded a new video on his official YouTube channel, featuring his personal cook, Tri Supriharjo. 

The video, titled Cerita Dari Dapur Presiden (Stories From The President’s Kitchen), is three minutes and 40 seconds long, as reported by

Tri, who hails from Karanganyar, Solo, Central Java said he had been working for Jokowi since before he was president. “I have been working for Bapak Jokowi since 2013, so it’s been about four years running.”

Highlighting some of Jokowi’s favourite Indonesian dishes, Tri could not help but mention Jokowi’s humble and simple preferences when it came to food. “I have come to know that he is a very humble person, including in his food preferences. He likes home-cooked meals like chicken soup, spinach soup and stir-fried young papaya.”

The President, according to Tri, also has several other favourites, like soto kuning (turmeric-flavoured soup), oseng-oseng tempe (stir-fried tempeh), mie ketoprak (noodles in peanut sauce), tempe tahu bacem (tempeh and tofu cooked with coconut sugar) and teri Medan goreng (fried Medan anchovies).

Tri also revealed Jokowi’s unique eating style, “He doesn’t want his rice to be put on the dining table. His rice is placed on a separate counter. He walks to the counter to get his rice. The most important thing for him is that the rice is warm,” Tri said.

Aside from main courses, Tri also outlined his boss’ favourite snacks. “Currently Bapak likes fried cassava, boiled corn, lento [yam], which is grated, mixed with coconuts and fried. Also corn and mixed vegetable fritters."

The President is also a fan of juices, which vary from day to day. “Lately he likes to drink kedondong juice. It’s also new to me because it’s his new favourite.” Tri added that the President liked to drink his jamu (herbal drink) and bitter tea in the morning. 

Tri also shared the president’s jamu recipe: “Bapak’s jamu consists of eight slices of temulawak [curcuma], three slices of jahe [ginger] and six slices of kunyit [turmeric]. He usually drinks it from a retro blirik [patterned enamel] mug.”