ST HeadSTart: How to secure a job interview | What's next for Singapore's crypto scene?

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Good morning! One of the stories we're looking at this week might help you tackle the first hurdle of getting a new job — that is, landing the interview.

Customising your resume with keywords that are suited to the company, and researching the organisation’s values, are several steps that could be useful, says manpower correspondent Calvin Yang. You can also put yourself out there for recruiters by regularly updating your resume and submitting it on online job search engines.

Another story tackles the perennial question of whether Singapore has an overwork culture. "Quiet quitting" — giving what your job is due and not going above and beyond your duties — has been a hotly debated issue recently. Instead of throwing stones at quiet quitters, we need to ask ourselves whether we have damaging "longstanding practices", writes associate editor Chua Mui Hoong.

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Meanwhile, the crypto industry is going through what players call the "crypto winter", led by a rout triggered by the TerraUSD crash and rising interest rates. The ecosystem needs to allow innovation but also shield people from risks in areas such as financial stability and consumer protection, says one industry expert whom business correspondent Claire Huang spoke to. Assistant business editor Kang Wan Chern also highlights how blockchain tech and crypto assets are becoming more mainstream.

askST Jobs: How can I raise my chances of getting a job interview?

Making sure your resume is concise and customised to the job you're applying for are some ways to impress hirers, and it never hurts to pick up in-demand skills.


S'pore talent: These five executives are flying the flag high overseas

Gaining exposure to overseas markets is crucial to competing internationally, Singaporean business leaders working abroad tell journalist Tay Hong Yi. 


S'pore's crypto scene: Writing on the wall for further regulation, consumer safeguards and education

Officials here have repeatedly warned of the hazards of crypto trading for retail investors, especially in the aftermath of the crash in May. 


LinkedIn's social experiments on 20 million users may have affected livelihoods: Study

The researchers found that relatively weak social ties on LinkedIn proved twice as effective in securing employment as stronger social ties.


Does S'pore have an overwork culture?

The quiet quitting phenomenon opens up an opportunity for soul-searching about workplace norms, which is especially relevant in Singapore, says associate editor Chua Mui Hoong.


Is it worth paying more to live above a mall?

Integrated developments are highly sought after by investors and people who want more than just a home. But are they really worth paying much more?


Grab sees no big layoffs despite weak market

The super-app has become more selective in evaluating hires this year, as it took on a more judicious approach amid recession concerns.


askST: Why is US dollar on a tear and how will it affect other countries?

The US dollar is at its strongest levels in decades against currencies of major economies. Senior business correspondent Ovais Subhani explains how the greenback rally will impact other countries globally.


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