askST Jobs: I am searching for a new job. How can I raise my chances of getting an interview?

Keeping your resume up to date, familiarising yourself with the latest job trends and picking up in-demand skills are all good ways to prepare while searching for a new job. PHOTO: ST FILE

In this series, manpower correspondent Calvin Yang offers practical answers to candid questions on navigating workplace challenges and getting ahead in your career.

Q: I am searching for a new job. How can I increase my chances of snagging an interview?

A: Looking for a new job can be a daunting task.

For starters, make it a habit to keep your resume up to date and submit it on online job search engines - regardless of whether you are job hunting or not.

Experts believe this helps you become aware of your strengths, stay visible to recruiters and boost your confidence.

In the meantime, there is also no harm in familiarising yourself with the latest job trends and picking up in-demand skills.

JobStreet Singapore managing director Chew Siew Mee encourages job seekers to do enough research on the ever-changing job market and understand what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate.

The good news is, there are many relevant articles available on the Internet. The JobStreet website, for instance, has articles covering a range of topics on landing a job, including the top companies, skills required today and inspiring stories from other job seekers.

One tip for candidates is to understand your prospective employer and the role applied for, says Ms Chew. "All the hard work put into researching the company from the start of the job-seeking journey will be useful at every stage of the hiring process."

Try to read up on an organisation's values too, she adds. "We believe that jobs should be meaningful to job seekers and can be achieved when company values are aligned with candidates' goals."

Most hirers will be impressed when they notice that your resume is customised, highlighting relevant skills and using certain keywords suited to that particular company or position. A personalised cover letter can also help you stand out from other applicants for the same job.

Ms Florence Yip, senior manager of talent acquisition at job site Indeed, says: "When reviewing a job description to see if you might be a good fit, you should also be reviewing the language for tone and word choice.

"Emulating their vocabulary will not only make you read as a close fit, but more importantly, you will do a better job of making it through automated selection systems that sort resumes by keywords."

Also, keep your resume concise and check for typos. The last thing you want is a potential employer thinking you are inefficient and prone to errors.

For added peace of mind, get someone to review your application.

Finally, do not fret if you do not get shortlisted for an interview. There will be more opportunities coming your way.

While searching for a job can be an onerous process, Ms Yip says strategising carefully and eventually ending up with a desired role can be worth the extra effort.

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