Why It Matters

Unlike the South China Sea and East China Sea, which have been dogged by territorial disputes, the Indian Ocean is relatively free of such troubles. It is important that its waters stay that way as 80 per cent of global seaborne trade flows through the region, said Political Correspondent Chong Zi Liang. http://str.sg/4pT7

The Safer Roads Industry Taskforce has called for heavy vehicles to be fitted with tachographs to track and record how fast and far they travel. It is about time, said Senior Transport Correspondent Christopher Tan, as heavy vehicles and buses were involved in 799 fatal accidents from 2004 to last year - or 25.2 per cent of all fatal accidents. http://str.sg/4pNN

Indonesia faces not just a difficult but also perilous challenge in its fight against illegal forest fires leading to the haze, said Indonesia Bureau Chief Francis Chan. Even so, Indonesia and its neighbours must not let up but continue to be relentless against offenders. http://str.sg/4pQx

The Singapore Land Authority's shift towards a paperless system means all property transactions could eventually be carried out online. The move would save costs and time, and keep Singapore ahead of the curve, said reporter Rennie Whang. http://str.sg/4psn

Once seen as a last resort, the faculty of arts and social sciences has been attracting more top-tier students. This is encouraging, and the attention paid to training young people in the humanities and social sciences is essential as Singapore is trying to build up a pool of talent to tackle complex issues that do not fall into a single discipline, said Correspondent Amelia Teng. http://str.sg/4p2w

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