Terengganu police investigating PAS Youth’s controversial parade involving fake weapons

Terengganu PAS Youth members were seen on social media pictures clad in mediaeval Islamic war costumes and armed with fake weapons. PHOTOS: HIMPUNAN PEMUDA ISLAM TERENGGANU - HIMPIT/FACEBOOK, USTAZ ZUL BHARI A RAHMAN/FACEBOOK

PETALING JAYA - Terengganu police are investigating a controversial parade by PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) Youth to determine if there are any offences committed.

Its police chief, Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa, said that although the organisers informed the police regarding its march, supporters were seen carrying fake weapons.

“Even though the police knew about the programme, we weren’t informed about its weapons replica parade, which has caused uneasiness and concerns in certain groups.

“The police will conduct preliminary investigations to identify offences in the programme and appropriate action will be taken,” he said in a statement on Sunday evening.

Terengganu PAS Youth members were seen on social media pictures clad in mediaeval Islamic war costumes and armed with fake swords, spears and shields.

It was understood that the march was part of a two-day PAS Youth gathering, Himpunan Pemuda Islam Terengganu.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the matter should not be blown out of proportion, adding that it was similar to a Chinese opera where the actors also carry swords and spears.

“It is better for us to focus our time and energy on more meaningful things such as tackling the rising cost of living, education, and social problems,” he said.

Mr Rohaimi said that based on early investigations, the event took place at a resort in Setiu, Terengganu.

He also said the event was based on a programme that was a design competition based on the theme of clothing, weapons and Islamic heritage.

“It was participated by each district across Terengganu,” added Mr Rohaimi.

Religious Affairs Minister Mohd Na’im Mokhtar said the march was inappropriate, as it would leave a bad perception on the teachings of Islam.

“The organiser should have highlighted Islamic values that are based on peace, unity and harmony.

“Everyone is responsible to urge peace and harmony in society. Any action that can cause public unrest should be avoided,” said Dr Mohd Na’im.

Dr Mohd Na’im also said the authorities should investigate to see if any laws had been broken.

In several pictures on social media, a pickup truck that carried a giant fake sword on its cargo-bed was also seen.

Young people, clad in green-themed mediaeval militant costumes, were also seen standing on the back of the cargo-bed of a moving pickup truck. THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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