What's News: Nov 20, 2017

Malaysia's new border complex in Kedah has been equipped to curb smuggling.
Malaysia's new border complex in Kedah has been equipped to curb smuggling.PHOTO: BERNAMA


Learn from MRT issues: PM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong weighed in on the latest two MRT incidents, saying they should not have happened. But since they have, "we must learn the right lessons from them... and put things right," he told activists of the People's Action Party yesterday.


Lift woes at new HDB project

Residents of the new Build-To-Order premium flats at McNair Towers in Boon Keng have been having problems with lifts in their blocks. At least 20 lift breakdowns have taken place this year, with the Housing Board getting lift manufacturer Sigma Elevator to carry out servicing twice a month in response.


Worries over arms smuggling

Malaysian police have increased raids against local terror cells in recent years, but have been unable to crack down on smugglers who sneak in guns for militants due to the many Malaysia-Thai cross-border smuggling routes. One smuggler, 49-year-old Mat, saidhe switched from smuggling firecrackers to smuggling weapons and ammunition as it is more profitable.


Johor dam hit by pollution

Water pollution in Johor's Sembrong dam forced a treatment plant to shut down and cut water supply to 225,000 consumers, but the problem was rectified yesterday. This comes weeks after two million consumers in towns there were affected by water cuts due to pollution along the Johor River.


Anti-Trump media can hurt US

There is clearly no love lost between President Donald Trump and leading United States media. The danger is that the continued attacks on the US President could end up hurting US interests, says Europe correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


Curbing errant bike parking

Bike-sharing firms plan to do more to combat irresponsible parking after complaints about bicycles dumped in a forested area. For instance, they plan to, or have introduced, "geofencing" - in which an alert is sent when a bicycle enters or leaves a specified area.


Scoot closes gap with SIA

Scoot, the budget arm of Singapore Airlines (SIA), is closing the gap with the national carrier. Over the past five years, Scoot has not only overtaken the group's regional arm, SilkAir, but is also about a third as big as SIA, in terms of the number of economy-class seats offered.


Firms can do more with data

Most companies are aware of big data, but experts say that industry can do more on the front. So far, public services have taken the lead in making savvy use of data. Experts also say that even if data is collected, businesses must analyse it and make use of it. This can pose a challenge in relatively small markets like Singapore because of the huge investment required for analytics.


Pogba impresses Mourinho

Apart from Manchester United's 4-1 Premier League victory over Newcastle United last Saturday, Jose Mourinho declared that he had another reason to be grateful. He said Paul Pogba, who returned from a tendon injury, was in a "different class" as he took the Man of the Match honour in the game that also saw the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


No Gigi Hadid at lingerie show

When the Victoria's Secret lingerie show hits Shanghai today, the first time the brand is holding its "sexiest show on earth" outside the United States and Europe, it will be without top model Gigi Hadid. The 22-year-old pulled out of the show last Friday, but did not give a reason.


Dying trade

With the increasing scarcity of burial plots and more people opting for cremation, the demand for specialists who design tombstones is falling. str.sg/4v2p


Rising conservatism

Most Johorean Malays support strict Islamic criminal laws with penalties such as stoning for adultery and amputation for theft. str.sg/4v25

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