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Asia’s year of living dangerously

China, in particular, will be the focus of attention on matters from defence to economic growth to public health.

AI-generated content is taking over the world. But who owns it?

So, who owns the content produced by ChatGPT?

‘Cryptobituaries’ are misplaced

The crypto winter will pass. The more interesting question is how cryptoverse will evolve.

Xi’s return to the world stage won’t be smooth sailing

Suspicions will likely remain, given China’s support for Russia and pursuit of territorial claims.


To resume travel, develop system to verify Covid-19 tests, vaccines: PM Lee at WEF event

He highlighted the need for countries to strengthen international cooperation.

Not too late for US and China to reset ties and avert great power clash: PM Lee

Mr Lee noted that US-China ties will remain the most important bilateral relationship for the world.

Europe's Covid-19 vaccine fight may hit exports to region: Asian leaders

They fear a spillover impact on supply chains that could disrupt exports to Asia.

WEF 2021

WEF commits to improving the lives of 1 billion through increased digital access

Providing much needed Internet access will help these individuals realise their basic rights, said the WEF.

Reform trade to build a sustainable, inclusive global recovery

The trading system must adapt again to address concerns of global resiliency, sustainability and inclusivity.

Governments need to take charge to meet environmental goals: WEF panel

The speakers all agreed on the perspective that the climate crisis will primarily boil down to the actions and policies of governments worldwide.