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Flashpoints in Asia

Korean Peninsula: Uneasy status quo, but sparks fly when North tests missiles

North Korea has spent decades developing its nuclear programme and has resisted calls to denuclearise.

South China Sea: Home to oil, gas reserves and rich fishing grounds

It is also the focus of several territorial disputes.

East China Sea: Isles near potentially huge oil, gas deposits

The Diaoyu/Senkaku islands are claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan.


Use technology to reconnect, not separate: Writer Chen Qiufan

The tech world needs more diverse perspectives for better innovation, says Mr Chen.

The US, divided within, needs to reinvent itself: Harvard's Graham Allison

The rise of China is a difficult adjustment for the United States, says the political scientist.

WEF 2021

WEF commits to improving the lives of 1 billion through increased digital access

Providing much needed Internet access will help these individuals realise their basic rights, said the WEF.

Reform trade to build a sustainable, inclusive global recovery

The trading system must adapt again to address concerns of global resiliency, sustainability and inclusivity.

Governments need to take charge to meet environmental goals: WEF panel

The speakers all agreed on the perspective that the climate crisis will primarily boil down to the actions and policies of governments worldwide.


To weather global headwinds, S'pore should stay united and think long term: Heng Swee Keat

With the rise of populism, there is a sense that unity has been lost in many parts of the world.

Clouds over world economy to get darker but S'pore is never helpless: Tharman

Singapore can still do well by educating the young for a new world, among other things.

Davos 2019 is all about Globalisation 4.0. So what is that?

The next wave of globalisaion is about digitally-enabled services.