Davos 2022 forum: Addressing the drivers of eco-anxiety

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Two-thirds of young people in 10 countries report feeling sad, afraid and anxious about the climate crisis and over half believe that humanity is doomed.

With society navigating continuous global disruption - from global pandemics and natural disasters to humanitarian instability - how can we turn eco-anxiety into agency and meaningful action to address the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse?

The speakers on this live-streamed session are:

  • Warren Jude Fernandez

Editor-in-chief of SPH Media Trust’s English, Malay and Tamil Media Group and editor of The Straits Times

  • Elizabeth Wathuti

Founder, Green Generation Initiative

  • Inna Modja

Land Ambassador, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

  • Kahea Pacheco

Co-Executive Director, Women's Earth Alliance

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