Wood furniture, such as the Bolia Bird dining chairs, as well as plants give the home pops of colour. The colour black is seen throughout the home, such as on the feature walls in the living room (above) as well as kitchen cabinets (top).
Deep eaves shelter the entertainment room housed in the glass attic. The elegance, lightness and porosity of the curved staircase, constructed of mild steel and with timber veneer cladding, complement the "floating" quality of the house. The facade t
The positions of the day and night curtains have been swopped to give a sense of cosiness (above). A blue accent wall between the living room and kitchen (left) adds contrast to the mostly dark palette. The open-concept master ensuite is a combinatio
A circular mixed-media piece by Indonesian artist Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo is one of several artworks in the home owner's collection.
Above: Clever design ideas increase cross-ventilation in the house, hence keeping spaces cool and comfortable. Most of the spaces in the terrace house, including the bathroom, enjoy natural light in the day. Left: A camouflaged door conceals a room u