An emergency glass door-inspired dining table was specially requested by the home owner.
Taking advantage of the apartment’s high ceiling (above), the interior design features a loft above the dining area that acts as a private chill-out area.
A full-height open shelf showcasing the owner’s pottery collection separates the living room from the kitchen and dining areas (above) while allowing light to pass through the spaces.
A bespoke built-in concrete settee (above) complements the industrial-chic vibe of the home.
A Poltrona Frau Don’do rocking chair in grey by Jean-Marie Massaud is among the designer furniture pieces in this home.
Full-height cabinets store everything from shoes to crockery, helping to keep the home clutter-free.
Island counters are positioned lengthwise to maximise space in the kitchen (above), which also has a mirror to give the illusion of space as well as reflect light to make the area brighter.
Mr Calvin Chu, who started his fossil collection after he got his first trilobite at age 10, has an impressive skull of the Prognathodon giganteus.