Duo jailed for abducting victim, who was assaulted and shoved out of van

SINGAPORE - Four men ganged up on their victim, forcing the crying teenager into a van where he was assaulted until he suffered multiple injuries.

When the van later pulled up at Labrador Park, three of them continued to rain blows on Harry Hilmie Harrahap Hassan, 19, before finally abandoning him and leaving the scene.

Harry managed to stagger into a taxi that took him to his girlfriend's block, where he received medical attention.

On Friday (July 15), Abdul Ridha Mohamed Hashim, 42, was jailed for eight months after he pleaded guilty to an abduction charge.

Another man, Nurasraf Abdul Manaf, 27, admitted to a similar charge and was ordered to spend seven months and three weeks behind bars.

Their two accomplices - Mohamed Shahmir Noor Mohamed Noor, 20, and Khairul Anwar Zakaria, 38 - were dealt with in court earlier.

Before his abduction, Harry assaulted Shahmir in Redhill on Feb 17 last year, causing multiple facial bruises.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to offences including voluntarily causing hurt to Shahmir.

Harry was then ordered to undergo reformative training, where offenders are detained in a centre to undergo a regimen that can include counselling and foot drills.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Deborah Lee said Abdul Ridha was close to Shahmir and treated the younger man as his godson.

In March last year, Abdul Ridha's female friend told him that her daughter was in a relationship with Harry.

Harry had been sleeping at a staircase landing outside the woman's Clementi flat at the time, but court documents did not disclose why he did so.

The mother had sought Abdul Ridha's help to chase Harry away. Abdul Ridha also knew that Harry had earlier assaulted Shahmir.

At around 9pm on March 19 last year, the four men went to the woman's block to look for Harry.

Khairul then parked a van nearby before leaving the vehicle with Abdul Ridha and Nurasraf. Shahmir remained inside the van, the court heard.

Abdul Ridha later approached Harry on the second storey.

The DPP said: "He wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulder and asked Harry to follow him to the ground floor as he wanted to talk to Harry... Harry felt that he was dragged to the ground floor by Abdul Ridha and was not able to free himself from Abdul Ridha's grip on his shoulder.

"When they reached the ground floor, Khairul shouted and punched Harry while questioning him on why he had assaulted Shahmir the month before."

Khairul hit Harry again as they were walking towards the van. When Shahmir saw Harry, he got out of the vehicle and then repeatedly punched and kicked the teenager, who burst into tears.

The men forced Harry into the van and Shahmir punched him about six more times. An eyewitness saw the incident and called the police after the vehicle left.

The van later reached Labrador Park and Shahmir shoved Harry out of the vehicle, causing him to fall to the ground.

Shahmir, Nurasraf and Khairul then assaulted the teenager before abandoning him.

Harry later sought an elderly man's help to go to the main road, where he hailed a taxi to his girlfriend's block.

Paramedics who attended to him when they arrived at the scene found that he had injuries including cuts as well as bruises on his head.

Harry did not seek medical attention at a hospital, said the DPP.

For abduction, an offender can be jailed for up to seven years, fined, caned or receive any combination of such punishments.

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