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A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone.
A Facebook logo is displayed on a smartphone.PHOTO: REUTERS

The "right to disconnect" is the right of employees to disconnect from their work outside normal work hours and to not have to answer work-related e-mails, phone calls or messages during those times. Should Singapore have a law for it?

Right to work from home, right to disconnect. Soon employers would just employ foreigners who work from their home countries, and no hassle about quotas and work passes?

Leon V DS

If you don't want to reply to the work e-mails after work hours, there will be someone willing to, to get ahead.

Isabella Lim

Just stop work and turn off the PC at the official time work is supposed to end.

Joy Ce

How can we stop companies from engaging in misleading advertising?

Even with guidelines, a business outlet can still find a way to use gimmicks to attract customers. Apply the Singapore way - fine them for misleading customers.

Harry Chia

I don't think there's a lack of guidelines, just not enough teeth to make them a deterrent.

Mark Leong

Sometimes I wonder whether all the special offers on so many items at reputable supermarkets are indeed true.

You need to do your homework and not just buy blindly. You must know your products well, and their prices.

Peter Tan

Misleading advertisements are aplenty, and they include products that claim to or give the impression that they can regrow dead hair follicles, get rid of fat without exercising, cure or prevent cancer, boost libido, and what-have-you.

Chew Benjamin

If you really want to stop misleading ads. Start with e-commerce ads.

Eric Wubai

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