Forum: Don't create more anxiety around vaccination with 'big stick' approach

I disagree with Forum contributor Benjamin Lim Jiing-Shi on using a "big stick" approach to compel people who can be vaccinated to do so (Time to rely on stronger measures rather than just persuasion, July 19).

Mr Lim, in his zealousness, should not disregard those who have various concerns and are mulling over whether or not to take the vaccine.

I am sure the freedom and benefits enjoyed by those who are vaccinated - being able to qualify for a vaccine passport to travel and being exempted from pre-event testing at live performances, wedding solemnisations, and congregational and other worship services - would also serve as roadblocks for the unvaccinated.

These roadblocks are enough of a "big stick" to nudge people into getting vaccinated eventually.

Creating more anxiety around this issue will not benefit anyone, least of all senior citizens.

As a democratic country, we need to respect people's personal choices.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

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