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Team spirit at work and play

Mr Josiah Quak has been hooked on floorball since his university days and likes the character development and teamwork that the sport demands from team members.
Mr Josiah Quak has been hooked on floorball since his university days and likes the character development and teamwork that the sport demands from team members. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

Floorball enthusiast Josiah Quak says teamwork is also key in nursing

What is your secret to looking fabulous?

Be happy and do not sweat the small stuff. Confidence is key.

Has there ever been a time when you were not fit and fab?

Yes, I was overweight as a kid and was never really into exercise until secondary school when I started playing football.

I exercised regularly only after entering junior college, when the reality of having to do national service hit me.

I ran at least three times a week and played street soccer with my friends.

While serving NS, I hit the gym up to five times a week.

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    AGE: 30

    HEIGHT: 1.72m

    WEIGHT: 77kg

    He was introduced to floorball when he was a nursing student at the National University of Singapore and has been hooked on the hockey-like sport since.

    "The character development and teamwork that this sport demands in order for the team to be ultimately successful is the greatest draw for me," said the senior staff nurse in the Trauma Service of Changi General Hospital.

    Mr Quak, whose wife is a nurse at another hospital, said teamwork is also critical in nursing. It is something he values at work, together with the camaraderie among colleagues as well as the chance to help patients and see them get better.

What is your diet like?

I do not have a specific diet plan as I do not compete at a professional level.

Although I admit that there are definite benefits to having one, I enjoy my food too much to have a rigorous meal plan.

Instead of counting my calories or restricting myself to steamed chicken and raw vegetables, I simply try to avoid sweet sugary drinks and fried foods.

I also try to have three full meals a day.

What are your indulgences?

Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and love meat.

I am partial to treats such as chocolate, ice cream and steak.

I allow myself a couple of pieces of dark chocolate every day. Nothing more than that, unless I have had a particularly stressful day.

I also have dessert when I am eating out - but not in excess - while reminding myself to exercise before indulging.

In other words, I work for my treats.

What are the three most important things in your life?

God is first, my wife and family second. Work and floorball tie for third place.

What's your favourite and least favourite parts of your body?

If I had to choose a favourite part, it would be my brain because personality is key. I do not have a least favourite part.

What are your must-dos before and after a workout?

I must do my warm-up exercises before a workout and have a cool-down session afterwards.

Eating is mandatory for me after a workout. I usually eat foods that are higher in protein to aid my recovery. These would be eggs, soya, milk or meat-based foods.

I also make it a point to replenish my energy by consuming carbohydrates in the form of fruit and rice.

How important is it for you to keep up with your fitness routine?

Exercise and keeping fit are a big part of my life now.

I cannot go for two days with no exercise without feeling uneasy.

Sports and exercise can be strangely addictive due to the dopamine released during exercise, if you persevere through the aches.

How has your active lifestyle influenced your family and friends?

My family has come to accept that floorball and keeping fit are a huge part of my life, and have taken steps to be healthier and fitter.

My parents have a healthier diet now, opting for wholegrain cereals, bread and brown rice.

They also make it a point to take daily walks and reduce their food intake, while avoiding processed foods and foods that are high in sugar.

My wife and I now hit the gym together, though I have not yet managed to convince her to take up floorball.

What's the most extreme thing you have done in the name of fitness?

I guess this would be the marathon floorball sessions, with each session lasting more than four hours.

How extensive is your collection of sports-related paraphernalia?

Too extensive. I find it hard to resist buying more, as companies manufacturing floorball equipment - such as the sticks, balls and clothing - are always updating their technology to produce lighter and more durable shafts every year.

As a floorball player, I am constantly searching for a stick which will suit my playing style better or one which just feels more comfortable in my hand.

It is similar to how some football players change their football boots regularly to find a pair that is more comfortable.

Would you go for plastic surgery?

No, I do not think I need it.

Do you think you're sexy?

I do not think so, but my wife sure thinks I am.

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