Jackie Chan's daughter Etta says she is gay

Etta Ng (left) with her mother Elaine Ng in a photograph taken in 2016. Etta is the daughter of Jackie Chan. PHOTO: APPLE DAILY

Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng has come out as gay.

In an Instagram post on her account (@stolenmilktea) on Thursday (Oct 5), she had captioned a picture of herself against a rainbow background with the words: "In case no one got the memo, I'm gay."

She has since removed that caption to replace it with several hashtags - #lgbtqai, #lgbt, #lesbian, and #androgynous.

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She is the love child of Chan, who has a son, actor Jaycee, with his wife, former actress Lin Feng-jiao. Her mother is former Hong Kong beauty queen Elaine Ng.

Etta, 17, has reportedly been living with social media influencer Andi Autumn, 30, a Canadian based in Hong Kong. She designs and sells clothes online and is known for her Barbie doll-like get-ups.

On Instagram also on Thursday, Andi Autumn shared a photo of herself next to Ng, with the caption: "I've never met anyone like @stolenmilktea . She has given me a chance to fully express the running thoughts in my head. No judgements, just understanding.

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"Everything was against us. We've been pushed down again and again but its worth it knowing we will get through it together, side by side. skip past all of the difficulties we've had this year, we are finally heading in the right direction, we have a path."

Etta was recently in the news over a domestic dispute with her mother that led to the daughter reporting the mother to the police and Ng was arrested on suspicion of criminal intimidation.

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