Jackie Chan's daughter discharged from hospital after two months

Former beauty queen Elaine Ng with daughter Etta.
Former beauty queen Elaine Ng with daughter Etta.PHOTO: APPLE DAILY

HONG KONG - The domestic storm has blown over, and former beauty queen Elaine Ng and her daughter Etta have been out and about.

After about two months in hospital, Etta, the love child of actor Jackie Chan, was discharged and went home to her mother recently, after receiving approval from doctors and social workers, said Oriental Daily News.

In March, Ng, 44, and Etta, 17, had a dispute that led to the daughter reporting the mother to the police and Ng was arrested on suspicion of criminal intimidation.

In April, the teen was hospitalised for emotional instability in Hong Kong, cutting short a Thailand getaway her mother had arranged for her. Ng has evaded reporters' questions about rumours that her daughter had hurt herself.

On Friday (June 2), Etta seemed well, though thinner, as she and her mother shopped and ran errands in Happy Valley and Central, said the report.

Asked about her relationship with her daughter, Ng answered: "Dealing with it."

Etta removed her earphones when a reporter greeted her and asked her if she had been angry at her mother. "No, never," the teen said, before adding that she was in good health.

When she realised she was being photographed, she pulled down her sleeves, but not before the reporter saw nearly 20 scars across her left forearm.

She was born after Ng had an affair with Chan, who was and is still married to former actress Lin Feng-jiao.

In an interview afterwards on Friday, Ng said she was happy to know that Etta was not angry with her. "Social workers have reminded me to call a timeout, that is, if there's conflict between mother and daughter, we'll walk away and leave ourselves space to calm down," she said.

She admitted she was learning to be a better mother, and added: "We've picked a horror movie that we will go home to see. We're communicating and getting along."