BigBang singer T.O.P 'sorry' he did not respond to a 'happy birthday' text from Goo Hara

BigBang singer T.O.P is braving possible scorn from K-pop fans by posting screenshots of messages from Goo Hara.
BigBang singer T.O.P is braving possible scorn from K-pop fans by posting screenshots of messages from Goo Hara.PHOTOS: CHOI_SEUNG_HYUN_TTTOP/INSTAGRAM, AFP

T.O.P has expressed his regret for not replying to a text sent to him by Goo Hara, who was found dead on Sunday (Nov 24).

The BigBang singer is braving possible scorn from K-pop fans by posting on Monday (Nov 25) screenshots of messages from Goo, a former member of girl group Kara, reported the allkpop portal.

In a text sent on Nov 5, Goo, 28, wrote: "This is late but happy birthday."

T.O.P turned 32 on Nov 4.

On Monday, he wrote over the screenshot: "Your final message was a happy birthday message that I did not respond to. I am really sorry, Hara. Rest in peace in a good place."

Another screenshot showed Goo writing: "Have you seen this? Please, please watch it."

She was referring to her recent single Midnight Queen.

T.O.P's caption over the second screenshot mentioned that "she had a lot of dreams" and that "her heart, which was full of passion for her work, was tender".

"She was a kind kid, Hara."

On Nov 5, Goo Hara sent T.O.P. a birthday message and in another message she shared her single Midnight Queen and asked if T.O.P. had seen it. PHOTOS: CHOI_SEUNG_HYUN_TTTOP/INSTAGRAM

Netizens reacted by saying that while he should have responded to Goo's messages, he is also providing a timely reminder that one cannot take friends, and family, for granted.

Some believe that it is his intention to make others become aware that a simple gesture, like a "thank you" reply, can mean a lot to someone who may be depressed or seeking a human connection.

Other fans think that T.O.P, who likely gets many texts from friends and business associates, was not out to snub Goo by not responding.


She is reportedly pally with the BigBang members, and she posted a photo of her spending time with singer G-Dragon in October, after his military-duty discharge.

Meanwhile, the police have decided that an autopsy is not necessary.

CCTV footage showed Goo returning to her Seoul home on Sunday at 12.35am.

She was found dead later that day, with the police saying that a "pessimistic" note was left behind.

While they are checking if it is written by her, they have ruled out foul play, based on their probe so far and testimony from her family and housekeeper.

The death, coming in the wake of that of singer Sulli in October, has once again prompted the media and fans to urge for more to be done for artists in the ultra-competitive K-pop industry.