What readers are talking about this week

The Paris attacks and motor insurance got readers talking this week. 

Some readers, such as Mr Andrew Seow Chwee Guan, Mr Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan and Dr George Wong Seow Choon, urged societies to stay vigilant against terror threats and to have the resolve to end the scourge of terrorism. Ms Maria Loh Mun Foong, however, raised concerns about whether the "war" France is waging on terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will actually cause more problems than it will solve.

Readers also had questions about how motor insurance claims are paid out. Several of them shared their experiences of being involved in minor accidents with no damage to either car, and both sides agreeing to settle the matter privately, only to have the other party claim against the readers' insurance policies. The readers said that their insurance companies paid out the claims and raised their premiums and docked their no-claim bonus. Mr Goh Poh Thiam suggested setting up an independent body or agency to investigate "fraudulent" or "inflated" claims. Mr Jimmy Lauw Thian Chye had further questions over NTUC Income's earlier reply on his motor insurance claim. Income replied this week, saying that it was working with Mr Lauw to challenge an injury claim in court. 

Here are some of these letters:

War not the solution, address root causes

Step up anti-terror awareness

Citizens must stay vigilant against terror threats

Nations must have resolve to end this scourge

Set up agency to investigate questionable insurance claims

Why was claim paid out when car was not damaged?

Set to challenge injury claim in court

Ensure private motor insurance settlements don't get out of hand

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