Set to challenge injury claim in court

We have contacted Mr Jimmy Lauw Thian Chye to clarify some misunderstandings regarding the details of the claims submitted against his motor insurance policy.

These include a pending injury claim, which Mr Lauw has agreed to work with us to challenge in court. We are grateful for his cooperation as it is time-consuming to prepare for a trial to contest a liability claim.

Inflated claims are the biggest challenge facing the motor insurance industry worldwide.

When there is strong and sufficient evidence pointing to an inflated claim submitted by the other party, NTUC Income will not hesitate to work with our policyholder to challenge the claim in court. Where there is evidence of fraud, we will refer the case to the police for further investigation.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, we urge motorists to gather as much evidence as possible or engage witnesses at the scene. Such measures will go a long way to help fight against fraudulent or inflated claims.

Peh Chee Keong


Motor Insurance

NTUC Income

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