Public parks should not be closed for commercial events

Last Sunday, the cycling track at East Coast Park was closed off for the exclusive use of participants of a duathlon event.

In addition, many of the designated entry and exit points from the beach to the pedestrian walkway to the cycling track, and the service roads were also closed off, leaving many of us confused as to how to get out of the area.

When we approached one of the event officials, we were directed to use the service road beside the highway.

Some cyclists resorted to using it despite it being dangerous.

A policeman and a race official told us that approval for exclusive use of the cycling park was given by the Land Transport Authority and National Parks Board.

It is surprising that a public park was closed off for the exclusive use of a commercial event.

I would have thought that everyone has an equal right to use a public park such as the East Coast Park.

I hope the authorities can respond.

Lee Ching