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What two ways would help step up Singapore's birth rate?

One -year maternity leave and job protection.

Zlata Rege

Reduce the working hours in Singapore first.

Sorensen Cartino Lim

Provide free education for the first 10 years and free medical care up to age six.

Larry Wong

Subsidise salaries of mothers for up to a year. Employers will then hire and retain these staff. Also, give bonuses to employers who retain working mums.

Michael Springfield

Instead of giving more bonuses to couples who are reluctant to have children, why not give all the bonuses to those willing to bear three or more offspring? Encourage those who love kids to have more.

Lim Thiam Huat

If couples have babies because of such support, it is more worrying. Everyone knows that parenthood is a lifetime commitment.

Dean Yap

"Make them an offer they can't refuse" may not necessarily work... If young couples are not ready for children, they will not have babies no matter what incentives are rolled out.

Charlotte Toh Yie Yng

Should Singapore adopt a wait-and-watch policy before making a decision on Section 377A?

Why can't the Government just put it to a public vote and settle the matter when the results are out?

Elliot Jhuen Weng Goon

No. When Singapore had racial riots, did former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew "wait and watch"? A leader leads, not waits and watches. We are all Singaporeans.Why treat people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender differently?

Uchiha Yuuto

This will not stop with repealing 377A. So no, don't adopt a wait-and-watch policy. Just don't repeal the law.

Hazer Nahz

No need watch and see, since it is crystal clear that the majority do not want the law repealed.

Edward Ong

Just repeal it! Put an end to all the hate.

Zachary Yang Dewei

I fully agree to wait and see for now... there is no urgency. We are all living so peacefully now.

Johanes Pkmi

Wait for what or who? How do we know when the time is right to make a decision?

Xander Ti

Are higher prices for organic or free-range foods justifiable?

There is no scientific evidence that organic food is healthier than non-organic. But like all business tactics, some people will believe it's true and are willing to pay higher prices for something organic. It's a choice each individual has to make.

Peter Tan

Organic or free-range food costs more to produce. So if the higher price is cost-related and not profiteering, then it is acceptable. When we make choices while shopping, we consider the value we get from the food we buy. Organic or free-range food is supposed to be good for our health. So we are paying for this benefit. If it is reasonably priced, I have no objection.

Loh Wai Poon

Then just buy the $2.65 eggs... It's a free market.

Chua Boon Tuan

It is entirely justified even if the product is not organic, because the consumer derives satisfaction in believing that it is. In fact, there is satisfaction gained from paying a higher price for a product. Just ask those who buy handbags that cost thousands.

Keynes Smith

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